Weaning Begins

We started weaning yesterday. I’ve purchased a book called Yummy Discoveries – Baby-Led Weaning. Yup, we’ve/I’ve decided to go with baby-led weaning with P2.

I’m doing everything differently with her it seems; cloth nappies, breastfeeding, co-sleeping and now the weaning!

She had baby rusks as her first taste a few weeks ago, but yesterday marked us properly beginning the weaning. P2 enjoyed sucking on some toast.

We had a few gags which terrified my OH as he thought she was choking, but she really enjoyed it and made loads of little noises as she sucked the toast.

This morning we gave her some baby rice with my breast milk, again, she thoroughly enjoyed it and made noises as she ate. No gags which relaxed my OH.

I’m desperate to do baby-led weaning. Mainly for convenience. No carrying pots of food about, no mashing up dinners or puréeing it. Just simply giving her bits of our food and gradually increasing the quantities.

It will mean that we’ll have to change our diets because at the moment it isn’t very varied. Which is why I really want to follow the new book. It has tonnes of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
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