Wedding Planning – 115 Days To Go

So far wedding planning has gone quite smoothly. I’ve probably just jinxed that. We have got the date we wanted, and managed to book the reception venue we wanted. Ok, it’s not our original plan of having it all done in a beautiful stately home, but it’s still going to be perfect.

We’ve ordered our invites, I’ve chosen a dress and paid half and the girls have their dresses bought. Everything’s going to plan… so far…

However, I’m stuck with the honeymoon. Literally hitting the tallest brick wall ever!!

I’ll still be breast feeding P2. She’ll be nearly 8 months old so will have started food by then, but she’ll still need a good supply of milk and I’ll need to express in the time I’m gone.

I plan to feed her and put my dress on as close to our wedding as possible and then plan to feed before the sit down meal. I’ll be drinking alcohol, probably more than a few glasses so won’t want to feed her anymore.

I need to find something and somewhere to go for those two nights that’s close by and where I’m able to express with ease… I know my OH just wants to spend our honeymoon in bed. Which suits me fine… But I don’t want to stay in.. Say premier inn… I’d like something a little more… Romantic. But what’s romantic about expressing huge deprived boobies?! And how will P2 cope without me… How will I cope without her?!

Oh my…. I need help!

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