Wedding Themes: Hollywood Glam

Hollywood glam is a timeless theme, exuding glamour, elegance and above all fun – perfect for a wedding. If you’ve been considering adopting this theme, then here’s some inspiration to consider:

Choose your era

There’s a very big difference between Hollywood Glam of the 1920s and now, which is why most who opt for the theme go for Art Deco/Great Gatsby inspired elements.

Pick a focus

Are you going to make your wedding a movie themed affair, inspired by the stars of Hollywood, with clapper boards and movie reels incorporated into the décor or is it simply going to be a glam affair? Or perhaps a bit of both? Choose early as it will be the base of all your decisions during planning.

 Take inspiration from the stars

Celebrities from eras past are the perfect go-to when it comes to choosing everything from your hair to your lipstick to the style of your eternity ring. Clara Bow with her infamous cupid’s bow pout and wavy bob; Greta Garbo who is synonymous with high drama fashion on screen; and Anna May Wong a true beauty of the time – use them as inspiration for your look on the day. 

The venue will make a big difference

A Hollywood glam wedding held in an old barn isn’t going to convince people of the theme. Instead, a rented out bar or even a stately hotel will do the job better. Think about everything from the tables and chairs available to the flooring, a red carpet leading into the main dancing area will definitely help set the scene. Old movies screened on a projector pointed at the wall will also help tie everything in.

Choose the right colour scheme

Black, gold, silver and striking reds are the perfect colours for a wedding that wants to create some Hollywood glamour. Everything from the invitations to the chair covers should match, as Hollywood puts the concept of perfection on a pedestal.

Glittering jewels and glitter itself is also fitting for a Hollywood glam themed wedding, if you can embellish anything do so. Chandeliers can be enhanced with drapings of beads and shimmering crystals, the wedding cake itself can be garnished with ribbon and jewels and while you might not have thought they could work, feathers are also a great accessory when it comes to décor. 

Flowers should be classics

Think roses, lilies and gypsophila when it comes to arranging your bouquets. White roses are perfect on the tables, for that touch of Hollywood glamour, as we associate the flower with the homes of celebrities and a sense of elegance.

Think about music

Set the scene for your guests with some music fitting for the theme, a jazz band would work great and if you can’t get a live band to visit your venue then choose a song list of some notable music from 20s-40s and have this play while your guests enjoy dinner. 

When it comes to Hollywood glam as a theme for your wedding it’s a good idea to remember there can never be too much glitz, more is more and old school is best. 


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  1. Weddings have become so inspirational in terms of their themes these days, 5 years ago I think I stuck to a colour and the season! x

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