What makes your wedding day so memorable? Is it the person you are marrying? The guests? The place? The food? The decorations? The dress?

For us- We know we love each other and want a life together and ultimately our wedding day would be the start of that – but the guests seemed to be the most important part of it. Making sure all family members would be able to attend.

My OH has family in Canada and I am desperate to have my Grandad give me away. Plane tickets are not cheap and my Grandad isn’t getting any younger. So it pushed us to book a date for May 2013 and find a venue that would hold all our family comfortably.

I was proposed to on Friday morning and by the end of Sunday we’d viewed and chosen our venue! I found great comfort in planning our wedding day – it took my mind off the pregnancy.

My mum had kindly offered to pay for the majority of our wedding. It wasn’t going to be cheap – probably nearly £7000!

This is the venue we’d chosen. Beautiful isn’t it.

Plans unfortunately came to a screeching, upsetting halt when we got the news from our landlord that they wanted to move back into the place we were renting.

Getting married in May probably could have still been on the cards. But the thought of having the same situation happen with another rented property worried us. So we made the decision to cancel the wedding and save for a mortgage. It was very upsetting for the both of us. Our dreams of a stable family being ripped apart on top of the fact we wouldn’t be getting married as planned was just too much to cope with.

I think the most devastating thing for me was the fact that putting off the wedding meant there was just a little less of a chance that my Grandad would be taking me down the aisle.

I miss planning our wedding. But it’s got me thinking recently. Do we really need to spend so much on one day?! When the whole point of that day is marrying the man I’m in love with and cannot live without. Why can’t it be simple, intimate and let’s face it – cheaper!!!

Back to the original question – What makes your wedding day so memorable?

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  1. Our wedding was so simple, and yet friends still talk about how much fun they had!! We asked everyone to bring a dish to share like they used to do in the “old days” of our grandparents’ time. A friend’s husband played music fromCDs that I had put together myself. Decorations were simple: a mirror in the center of each table, a candle on top of the mirror, and rose petals sprinkled around the candle. Our son was three, and he was part of it all which I think was the most memorable to me! 😉

  2. Wow, your wedding venue looks amazing! I think you are right, the most important part is celebrating with family and loved ones.

  3. However you choose to spend your wedding day will be magical because you’re doing it for the right reasons 🙂 x

  4. I’m on the same path sweety! Good luck… We are just making “the list now”. Our wedding will be in Mexico which makes it a bit complicated… He is British, I’m American, all our friends live in China… its a doozy. I KNOW the thing that will make it most memorable is the people that come, and the fun. No shmoozy, fancy wedding here… just fun.

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