Wednesday At My Grandad’s

When we moved counties nearly four years ago, we promised ourselves that we would head back to our home town every two weeks ish. But the reality of life and commitments sort of stretched this and sometimes we can suddenly realise it’s been nearly two months or so. My Grandad lives in Essex and he’s the one person who I miss the very most. There was never a day that went past when I didn’t see my Grandparents and moving 40 miles away changed that.

P1 is at school on a Wednesday until 6pm and so we don’t really have a rush to fit things in between the school run, so we use those days to head back to Essex and visit both my Grandad and Hubby’s Nan. I love the Wednesday’s that we go over there. We always meet at the Roebuck for 10am where my Grandad treats us all to some breakfast. This was a place I always met with both my Nan and Grandad when I was on maternity leave, and they both took P1 with them there when I was working too. It’s a lovely meet up point and it’s really improved over the years too.

I think the best thing I adore about seeing my Grandad, is spending time at his house. That house screams out with all my childhood memories. My Grandparents played a big part in my upbringing as my Mum worked full time and so I spent my mornings and evenings at their house. Doing my homework, helping Grandad in the garden and drawing pictures with my Nan. There’s so many things in that house that remind me of my Nan, my childhood and growing up in general.

My Grandad has recently been clearing out my brother and my toys from his home so the girls are having less and less to play with there. They don’t seem to be bothered by it though because unlike at our own home, they have a garden to explore at my Grandad’s. We got the hose out last Wednesday as the weather was so hot and the girls had so much fun splashing each other. An innocent “let’s get our legs wet” turned into a full blown in the nude water fight between us. There’s was so much laughter.

My Grandad grows a lot of fruit and veg in his garden. He used to have an allotment that I helped him with. P2 and P3 picked some blackberries with their Great-Grandad and then he spent the rest of the time trying to get us to take various vegetables home with us. The guinea-pigs definitely appreciated the lettuce that was home grown and we have the biggest sized onion in the fridge too! I don’t really know where I was going with this blog post but I feel like the work side is taking over a little bit and I need to go back to my roots and document our lives a bit more. So basically it’s a post about my Grandad’s house and the photos I took. I hope you enjoyed it!

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