Our Weekday Morning Routine

My weekdays are busy. There’s always something I need to be doing with one or all three of my girls. I’m lucky that more often than not my Hubby does the actual running kids to school or nursery but I’m the one who prepares. He just gets himself up, washed and dressed. Here’s what a typical school/nursery run morning looks like for us:

6:00 ~

Despite my alarm being set for 7 every morning, my usual wake up call is from P3 at 6am. I get her out of bed, grab her some clean clothes, go for a wee and head downstairs. I change her nappy and get her dressed. We then have a biscuit or some fruit (depending on what we have in the cupboards). I like to use this time to just chill, check up on social media, write blog posts or edit video, I also put on some telly that the older two can’t watch or hubby doesn’t like, for example Casualty or Midsomer Murders.

7:00 ~

My alarm goes off. This is the time I head upstairs to wake P1 and P2 up if they haven’t woke already. It’s also the signal that it’s time to start getting breakfast. Upstairs I get P2 on the toilet and get her dressed. I hand P1 her school uniform. We’ll sometimes have an argument about her jumper or cardigan being uncomfortable.

7:15 ~

The girls are given breakfast. This is usually a chocolate spread sandwich with some grapes or a banana. Some days we have cereal. I eat at the point too. They have kids programmes on the telly. I usually have to remind P1 to eat as she loses concentration quickly.

7:30-8:00 ~

The girls play or eat depending on how slow they are that day. I sit and carry on checking social media or interacting with other blog posts, answering emails etc.

8:00 ~

I shout up to Hubby to wake up. I’m the only alarm that works for him as he’s a heavy sleeper. I then call for P1 and/or P2 (depending if it’s a nursery day or not) so that I can do their hair.

8:10 ~

They get their shoes on when we hear hubby get into the shower.

8:20 ~

When the hair dryer blows the girls get their coats on. They play between things.

8:30 ~

They leave the house with Hubby for the school run. At this point I do a quick tidy up of any toys they’ve left, plates or cups to wash and take P3 upstairs so I can get showered and go to whatever group we have.

I find my mornings very stress free. Mainly because hubby does the actual running around. It’s a leisurely morning but when I do the school runs everything gets messed up. It’s a rush and definitely stressful. I need to get showered when I wake but never have the motivation to actually get up on those days. That’s why hubby does the school runs.

Are your weekdays stressful?

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  1. Reading your old posts! I need tips on this! Trying to get all three ready, fed and out is a nightmare just to drop one at pre school!! Xxx

  2. Your morning sounds so busy lol. My morning starts about 6:30 but kicks off properly at 6:45 when I wake my other half for work, he leaves at 7:30 and we leave for nursery at 7:55 x

  3. Oh bless! I am not sure how I am going to do the weekdays with 3 kids soon! It’s mad! x

  4. Your mornings do sound pretty stress free, that’s amazing! I’m so unorganised and slow in the morning. I only have to get Lamb ready for nursery and I’m still always late! x

  5. Yeah I find weekdays stressful with 2 kids now. I dread to think what it’ll be like when my eldest starts school in spetmeber and I finish my maternity leave x

  6. Weekdays are not too bad, if we are organised. But if sophia is tired the school run can be a bit of a rush to get out the house. Looking so forward to half term though! Just two more days. So needed. x

  7. Really need to film one of these but ever morning I’m like ‘Naaaa! It’s too much!’ You have inspired me, I only have one princess to get ready xx

  8. I don’t know how people do it with more than one child! Haha. Our weekdays are always pretty smooth, but I don’t have to do the nursery or school run yet so I’m sure it’ll all change! x

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      It was a very big change for us, especially when there’s two at the moment. I dread to think 3x school/nursery runs

  9. Oh I wish our mornings were stress free like yours. I really need a better morning routine for my three. I think the real problem is we all like to sleep too much and don’t get up early enough to get everything done.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I think where it helps for me is that I’m kicked out of bed as soon as the kids are and they are up super early!

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