A Weekend Of Fun For Hubby’s 27th Birthday

The weekend before last saw my husband celebrate his 27th birthday. Due to the fact that we tell each other absolutely everything, I didn’t have any surprises up my sleeves for him. In fact he made our weekend plans and I am so glad he did because he found such a wonderful place to visit.

Swanley New Barn Railway has just reopened for the season. Hubby has had his eye on the place for a while now but it was closed for the winter period. So on Hubby’s birthday weekend we headed there with my MiL and BiL too. Swanley New Barn Railway has miniature locomotives running along a track that goes around the field in Swanley Park. It’s really cheap too with a family of four costing just £4 for a round trip.

Not only did the girls have so much fun on the trains, they also have a huge playground. I was so incredibly impressed by it actually. There was so much for all the girls to enjoy and we spent a long time there. There is so much going on at Swanley Park, with a paddling pool and boats on the lake. It’s just brilliant and we’ll be heading there again during the Easter holidays and in the summer. I’ll take the chance to quickly share my video from our birthday weekend below:

After having such a brilliant afternoon at the park I felt super positive about Hubby’s birthday. We had made plans to go to my MiLs house and we had hired a bouncy castle too. So probably super early for a Sunday morning, we headed round to my MiLs. She always does birthdays and holidays really well. We ate a delicious breakfast together before heading outside.

The weather could not have been more perfect for our plans. We spent the entire day in the garden lapping up the warm sunshine. Everybody had a jump on the bouncy castle and I don’t think there was much time when it wasn’t in use! P3 ended up just sitting on it at times with some toys igniting her imagination. P2 was the little dare devil trying to climb the walls and P1 practised front flips.

The girls helped my MiLs partner to make some delicious cupcakes. We finished our day with home cooked fajitas and pass the parcel. Like I said, my MiL is a brilliant host. I spent most of the day smiling, laughing and having pure fun. I hope that Hubby had a wonderful birthday. I have no idea how we’ll top this one next year though.

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  1. What a lucky bloke having such a fantastic birthday, I love days out as a family!

  2. that’s a really good price, £4 for a round trip. Looks like you had a great weekend. Happy birthday to him x

  3. What a lovely Birthday weekend – you had amazing weather too x x

  4. Ahh Happy Birthday to him! Looks like a great weekend and I always love your videos!

  5. how fab! I just turned 30 so now feel really old after reading this!

  6. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a birthday. I think i need to borrow your MIL, she sounds like the most fabulous host! xx

  7. Sounds like a lovely weekend and the perfect weather for it.

  8. Sounds like a perfect birthday I hope your husband had a fab time.

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