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We just had our first visit from the Health Visitor.

I always worry about being judged by health visitors or midwives because they know everything thanks to my past with my biological father and P1s biological father. As expected – they both came up in conversation pretty quick. Making sure I had no contact with either – no issue there!
The HV was so easy to talk to. I suppose that’s part of her job – being approachable. She was funny and caring. I expressed my worries about my milk drying up as the past few days my boobs have become really soft and feel empty. But it turns out I don’t have much to worry about right now – Little madam has put on 136grams (4.6ounces) since birth!! She’s only 13days old. My supply must be pretty good and fattening. The empty soft feeling is just where my body has got used to how much milk to supply P2.

Go boobies!!!!

Yesterday, I dared to weigh myself. Although losing my baby weight isn’t on the top of my agenda right at this moment – I am aware that it will eventually have to disappear and I may have to work at getting my pre-pregnancy body back.

At 39 weeks pregnant I weighed 58kg (9.1st). Yesterday I weighed 47.5kg (7.4st) Major yay! I only have 4kg left until I’m my pre-pregnancy weight. However, losing the access skin may be a bit harder.

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  1. Your post belly looks amazing !!! You’ll get rid of anything you don’t want in no time, I’m sure !! (Even though you seem perfectly great already!!!!)

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