A Weight Loss Motivation Boost

I am now 3 weeks into my weight loss journey. My main goal wasn’t really to eat healthier but to eat less. Like the saying goes “everything in moderation”. I planned to cut my portions by half and stick to eating 1,000 calories a day. A big thing for me to cut was the biscuits.

During the first week I experienced terrible headaches, a migraine and the general feeling of hunger was quite overwhelming but somehow I managed to stick to it. I switched white bread to whole meal, eaten more fruit than I have my whole life and drank more water. Drinking more really helped with the hunger and by the end of week two I felt good. I found I didn’t want to eat big meals because I just couldn’t manage it. I was full.

But now I’m to the end of week 3, I’m struggling. I’m not sure what’s changed and am hoping it’s a short lived blip but I’ve started snacking on biscuits again and eating bigger meals. I’ve lost my motivation which is probably because all my effort isn’t seeing a weight loss. I started at 44.9kg and am now 44kg. Not what I was hoping for at all. Although I think that could be due to the fact I’m due on my monthlies at any time.

I need to up my fitness and make sure that I do proper toning exercises each day, twice a day if I have to. I need motivation though. A visual booster to get me working hard for what I so desperately want, a fitter looking body. So here after being inspired by Pinterest I wanted to share my latest weight loss aid.


These are two empty, washed, Doritos dip (see my point of needing motivation) jars. I’ve filled one jar with skittles (thankfully I don’t like skittles so this isn’t a temptation at all) but you could use gem stones or beads. Each skittle represents one pound that I want to lose. My goal is 15lbs. The other is empty. The idea is that every pound I lose, I plop a skittle from one jar to the other. I’ve already started looking at it more and feeling much more positive.

At the beginning of 4 weeks I want to measure my body and keep a record of inches lost because I remember when on my Juice Plus diet I was losing amazing numbers around my waist but nothing from the scales. I also need to drink even more than I have been and make sure those biscuits stay in the biscuit tin. 

Do you have a great tip for losing weight and flattening your tummy?

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  1. Good luck on your weight loss journey. I like the jar idea, although I’d have to put something else in there as I’d eat the skittles lol! xx

  2. You are doing so well – keep going! I have no tips I am afraid, I am useless at this! The jars seem a great idea. Good luck. Kaz x

  3. I follow Weight Watchers when I want to lose weight and I always find the first week is super easy and I lose loads (mainly because I pumped up about losing weight in general), the second week I;’m starving and have to fill up on fruit and veg, and the third week I get a bit fed up. Dieting takes a lot of effort so don’t feel downhearted about losing your mojo bit, its pretty normal in my experience. I love the jar idea that would really work for me xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I had hoped that by not putting pressure on and following a set plan that I’d be more motivated, but I’m just not. I snack more than ever and we don’t really have anything low calorie to snack on.

  4. I love the idea of moving the skittles or whatever into the other jar when you lose a pound. It is just so hard to lose all of the holiday weight gain. And you are so right it is a matter of cutting back on the goodies.

  5. The first part is always the worst, it’s like your body gets used to the same food and portions. I promise you’ll be over the worst, I always take a bottle of water and grapes/ orange with me so when I get hungry I can eat/ drink without grabbing something naughty. I lost two stone in around 5 months in 2014 and have just about managed to keep the weight off. I love the jar idea as its so visual, I always think they’res goals to be set so this year I’ve set myself new ones 🙂 xx

  6. Always carry healthy snacks with you (nuts, veg sticks etc) to stop any hunger pains and just try and cut down portion sizes. I also do a lot of planking and kettle bell work to help my tum. Have you looked at Kayla Itsines? Her plans are amazing and can be done at home xx

  7. You must not give up, your regret it so much. You sound like you’ve been through the worst part already with all the headaches and such. It’ll take a few weeks before you see any results so just persevere! You can do it, I love the skittle jar idea, might try that myself. X Lorraine. Love2Blog thread.

  8. Headaches are a massive problem when you cut back on sugary foods. Your body just craves them. I had a baby on 1/1 so currently eating anything and everything to cope with breastfeeding and tiredness. But I’ll be joining you soon on the healthy eating

  9. What a great idea. I’m struggling with headaches because of a more restricted diet too – not easy this is it?

    Lizzie Dripping

  10. I’m sitting reading this whilst eating a packet of crisps! agh! I too have set out to eat healthier and cut down on my calories but struggling. I tell my other half that if only we had a holiday to look forward to I would have something to aim for but not a chance!.. any excuse!

    I like the jar idea,I might just try it myself:)

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