Welcoming Two New Boys To Our Family

On Monday the 10th of April my Mum’s Guinea-Pig gave birth to three little babies. My Mum is clearly losing her veterinary nurse experience as she was sure there would be just one baby. My girls had actually been staying with their grandparents that weekend and were excited that Hermione (mummy guinea) was literally ready to pop. But alas, she waited until they were gone.

The following week we went to visit. The girls were so excited to hold baby guinea pigs. I’ve always found baby guinea pigs to be very odd, they are miniature versions of a grown guinea with teeth, claws and eyes wide open. As you can see from the photo above, they were so tiny and cute. One of them was brown all over and the other two each had one white foot. It turns out there were two boys and one girl in the litter.

We discussed keeping a couple for ourselves and surprisingly Hubby agreed. Probably because we wouldn’t be buying them from a pet shop and ultimately saving money. Typical Hubby there. My Mum even kindly bought the girls a cage for their new guineas and the bedding/food too. Extra win there! My Mum dropped the new Babis to us when she picked the girls up for their sleepover weekend. It was a great chance for the guinea pigs to settle before chaos of family life started.

We welcomed them into our home just over a week ago. These new pets of ours are so loved. The girls have asked to get them out and they end up getting cuddles twice a day, sometimes more! In the week we’ve had them I have watched their confidence grow and towards the later part of last week they had started to come out of their hiding place during the day. Because we don’t have a garden, I have been going for little walks purely to gather dandelion leaves for them to eat. Even Hubby has been getting involved with cuddles.

So we are beginning a new journey of being pet owners for the first time. We let the girls name our little boys and they are now Dumbledore and Dobby. Their sister, Rainbow-Sparkles, has stayed with my Mum to keep Hermione company. I am pretty excited about having them and it makes all the poop and high maintenance worth it because P2 has cried happy tears several times when she cuddles them. Saying “I’m not sad, I’m happy because they are so cute!” I have wanted the girls to have pets for a long time and that time has finally come. 

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  1. They are such lovely pets. I used to have 2 that I took in off my cousin when she couldnt look after them. They adored dandilion leaves as well lol – plus green beans and Kale were a favourite as well. They would wheek like mad when they heard the bag rustling. Give them a cuddle from me! x

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