Welcoming Warmth

I managed it into church today.

On arrival; we (P2 and I) were greeted with so many friendly familiar faces. The church itself hasn’t changed but there was so many new people – although new people that seemed to know my parents.

P2 was bombarded with pokes and prods from all different ages. She ended up getting quite frustrated I think so I had to remove her from her pram. However, she was so well behaved. Very awake for the most of it but very content.

Whilst singing I experienced shivers down my spine. It felt great to be back there and P2 fell asleep with the songs.

P1 was very protective of her little sister. Never leaving her side when people were oooo-ing and aaaaa-ing.

We’ve had a very lovely relaxed day today. But I think P2 may be suffering from colic or something along those lines as she’s feeding a lot but half of it is also comfort suckling. She won’t settle in her moses basket unless in arms and frequently brings her legs to her chest when crying.

She’s been awake a lot of the day though so hoping she’ll sleep amazing tonight… oh I can only dream!!!

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  1. Was lovely to see you and the girls at church xx

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