Well This Is New

You read about it everywhere but nothing quite prepares you for it. I certainly didn’t expect it to be like that!

My mucus plug dislodged today. Exciting. Ok – I know potentially this means I could still have weeks left. But it’s progress right? That things are happening the right way. It was gross. Completely and utterly gross. I didn’t experience the plug thing with P1 and seeing it today made me all shaky from nerves and also excitement.

My pains stopped yesterday. I spent over an hour trying to progress the pains by bouncing on a ball… It had the opposite effect and stopped them completely. Then I spent all night scratching my itchy belly to pieces.

Everyone needs to send me progressing vibes… With the sweep, 2cm dilated and now the plug gone… It can’t be too long to wait?

12 days until due date!!

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