We’re Getting Christmassy

Halloween is now well out of the way and so the shops, TV adverts and blogs have fast become Christmas obsessed. So here I am doing my part to the Christmas hype. It’s just over a month until Christmas and that thought scares me. I am so incredibly excited for Christmas but we haven’t really done anything in terms of shopping just yet. Christmas Eve is also P1s 7th birthday so we really do need to start getting a move on.

elf on the shelf

The first thing we did to get a bit Christmassy was adopt a scout elf from an Official Santa-Approved Adoption centre. Our Elf on the Shelf® arrived with The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition book to help the girls understand all about our new little friend that was joining us in the lead up to Christmas.

We named our scout elf Sparkle and the girls are really enjoying the quirky places she’s been finding to hide each morning. Every night our scout elf flies off to Santa to let him know about their behaviour that day. She then returns ready to watch the next day’s events. Having the scout elf in our home has given me a real excitement for Christmas and of course an incentive for the girls to behave.


The other day we were sent home P1s cards that she makes at school. She’s made one every year since she started nursery. They do a picture or collage on A4 paper ready to be turned into little cards. I’ve bought a pack each year and usually use them to give to the Grandparents or family members. 

When P2 asked to do some painting I thought it would be a good opportunity for her to make her own ones too. So after a bit of Pinterest searching, I gathered inspiration to make some handprint Christmas trees. We’ve decided to make them into Christmas cards and it was lovely to sit and discuss who she wanted to give them too. It was really cute when she said “And Gymboree Mummy, they are my friends”.

christmas cards

I don’t think Christmas could be Christmas now days without something Disney Frozen related and it was lovely to receive a Frozen Disney Colour Change Bag for P1. When you press the button in the middle of the bag it chooses from over 100 colours to match the background it is on. The bag itself wouldn’t be able to contain much but P1 loves running about matching it up to different objects. It works best on a solid colour.

frozen colour match bag

I have been absolutely desperate to add to my Yankee Candle collection since I received a Vanilla Cupcake one from my brother for my birthday. Then I saw their festive collection in Tesco for a really good price. I managed to pick up a medium jar from their Simply Home range, which wasn’t a festive candle but is a festive red and smells just like cherry bakewells.

yankee candle

Then on Saturday I received a very deliciously festive parcel from Yankee Candle themselves. Four small jars from their new Christmas range. From left to right of the picture above; Berry Trifle, Winter Glow, (my Cherry Vanilla), Bundle Up and Cosy By The Fire. I love them, they are just the right size to go on my bathroom window sill, kitchen window sill and in the lounge. My least favourite is the green Bundle Up one as I think it smells slightly of mens deodorant however when you burn it, it is much nicer to smell. Both Hubby and I love the Berry Trifle one and P2 is really drawn to the Winter Glow. As you can see, P3 loves the Cosy By The Fire (obviously she is supervised when the are lit or warm). I really love how the Yankee Candles can be burnt for just 10 minutes or so, yet make the whole room and house smell amazing. I’m lighting them up in turn.


Although we are completely unprepared for Christmas at the moment, doing these few simple things for our house and for the girls has really got me in the Christmassy mood. I’m feeling festive and I can’t wait to get our tree up, as pathetic as it is being a tiny table top tree. What are you doing to get in the Christmassy mood?


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