“We’ve just had a four day weekend”

I am the type of person that is quite content with lazying around the house. After a while it does start to feel like you’re in jail, sharing your cell with screeching children, which is why I now make the effort to attend two play groups a week with P2 and P3.

I met a lovely lady well over a year now at the Wednesday morning group and she’s someone I’ve really been able to click with. Someone even asked me last week if we were related as we do tend to have a lot of banter. I’m really enjoying the relationship that I can see growing and she’s my first proper friend since moving over here. So getting out of the house with two children in tow is definitely worth it.

We’ve just had a four day weekend, P1 came over poorly on Sunday afternoon and ran a high temperature for the whole of Monday. Whenever P1 gets ill it tends to really whack it out of her. She lays about practically motionless all day, she’ll sleep during the day and go completely off her food. Sunday and Monday were no different.

Although her temperature had gone down Tuesday we decided it was best for her to spend an extra day at home to recooperate. Her demands returned swiftly and we began to pull our hair out.

With P1 back at school today, we headed back to Essex to see family. I hadn’t seen my Grandad for nearly 8 weeks and I think that was the longest time in my whole entire life that I haven’t been in his presence. He treated us to a breakfast in the local pub/restaurant and then we headed back to his so P2 and P3 could spend some time with him.

We then spent the afternoon round hubby’s Nans. P2 was super excited about seeing her and hadn’t stopped asking after her the moment we set foot in Essex. Whilst there we saw Hubby’s cousin too and on the way home we even stopped in to see my MiL.

We have had a busy day of socialising and I feel completely exhausted yet it’s also really nice to get out of the house and fill our day with fun!

What are your plans for the Easter holidays?

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  1. Love your baby’s dress. My daughter had a very similar one 🙂


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