“we’ve received a letter from the school today inviting us to a meeting with the SEN (Special Educational Needs) coordinator”

We dug deep into our pockets and signed P1 up to drama lessons with Perform nearly a month ago now. She now goes every Tuesday after school and gets quite excited about it.

Today, they had their Christmas play/performance in front of parents and the teacher warned us that P1 may feel overwhelmed by it all as she hasn’t had much time to practice plus it’s her first experience of anything like this.

To be honest, I’m disappointed and angry. Disappointed that P1 made next to zero effort to participate therefore seemingly wasting my £15.20 a lesson, and I’m angry because I feel disappointed in my daughter!! I should be proud and singing her praises. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ve told her that she did well etc etc but deep down I’m confused and worried for her. Not only did she not do any actions and just followed everyone around, she looked like this the whole time:
20131210-080948 pm.jpgThere’s one thing I’m extremely proud of though, at one point about 10 minutes from the end, they all had to lay down. Subsequently another little girl accidentally kicked P1 in the face/eye and made her cry. Not a loud screech, she just laid there and sobbed. My heart squeezed together, the teachers didn’t seem to notice her and she didn’t look at me either to give her a hand gesture to come over. She was brave and carried on following everyone right until the end when she burst into tears in my arms!

The way P1 is with us at home, or familiar people is so different to how she is around strangers (good thing) or meeting new people. I guess it’s worrying me slightly because my brother is being assessed for Aspergers and my Mum has said to me before that I also show some traits of the disorder.

Anyway a little more positive, we’ve received a letter from the school today inviting us to a meeting with the SEN (Special Educational Needs) coordinator for foundation and key stage 1 in January. I’m feeling a bit nervous but the letter does point out that it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s behind academically but could be physically or behaviour related. Well, if I’m going by what was said at the parents evening then I’m hoping it’s P1s lack of involvement in P.E that’s the issue. Obviously due to her hypermobility and hopefully finally someone will listen to us and get her the extra support she needs!!

Better late than never hey. Three months in.

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  1. Awww it is scary performing especially when so little. Good luck with the meeting x

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