What A Mess!

I’ve successfully completed two days of combine feeding, I say successfully, my left boob hasn’t quite triggered that P2 doesn’t want it anymore and has gone over drive on producing milk!

We went round to my MiLs yesterday, this was the first day of combine feeding, I’d fed P2 all through the night and stopped after her first morning feed. I packed three formula bottles of 5oz. We’ve been quite lucky as she’s taken to the formula fine.

I babysat my OHs little brother and our two girls with his Nan whilst he went wedding suit shopping with my MiL. The day went smoothly and P2 had a mid-afternoon boobie snack when it was all quiet as my left boob was killing me! She had all her bottles too and then was reunited with her boobie at bedtime.

I’m not combine feeding out of choice, well not really, P2 won’t feed from me during the day without a struggle especially when it’s noisy, and I can’t express enough at the moment to sustain her. I think we’ve found a happy medium for both of us and it means I’m less stressed about the fast approaching wedding of ours.
20130809-071621 PM.jpg
A few things I’ve noticed from formula feeding is that it’s smelly and it’s messy!! I always have to have a muslin or bib to hand. She makes such a mess.

Don’t shoot me, I’m still a breastfeeding mummy!

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