What A State

It’s been a busy day. And a hot day!

I must have looked a right idiot walking through town – I was wearing a black vest top, pink jeans and my black knitted winter boots!!! My pumps have basically fallen apart and my toenails are currently fashioned by P1s artistic nail painting, not sandal/flip flop friendly.
20130501-092639 PM.jpg
P2 and me had breakfast and lunch out with my Grandparents (her Great-Grandparents). She also had her second lot of immunisations today. I will be posting my Letter tomorrow as I’ve been too busy and it’s too late to load the laptop now! My gosh she screamed, that horrible “I can’t breathe” scream! But all was forgotten once she got a boobie in her gob.

I also had my fake nails removed and picked up my new glasses.

On the way back to the car after picking P1 up from nursery, her legs failed her again and she went flying across the pavement. Resulting in a graze across her arm. She was very brave as I had P2 in my arms (she’d needed a feed and was grotty due to the jabs) she got herself up and managed to cry all the way back to the car, where I had no choice but to let P2 scream whilst I sorted her big sister’s poorly arm.
20130501-093317 PM.jpg
It’s sometimes such a struggle to multi task!

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  1. oh dear poor you! I had a similarly challenging day when Allegra got scratched in the face by the cat (evil cat!) and screamed out in pain and I was feeding baby Claudia and I had to put Claudia down quickly and pick up Allegra and check her over and comfort her and the Claudia was crying because she was mid feed… argh it was mayhem!! anyway, they’re both fine and I’m feeling much better after a glass of wine and big bag of maltesers!! tomorrow’s another day eh?! xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Mmmm maltesers!!! I’m totally jealous. We have an evil cat here they P1 just loves to stroke, despite being told not too. Hope Allegra is ok!

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