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What Pet Is Right For You & Your Kids?

Right, you want to get an animal to add to your ever-growing family, but now you have kids, you have to consider them alongside your lifestyle. So, which one is right for you?  

Ultimately, choosing the pet that is right for you and you family, will come down to many factors, individual to you. These might include where you live, how old your children are, how much spare time you have, how much money you have and so on.

Goats may be replacing dogs as man’s best friend, but if you live on the tenth floor of a block of flats in the middle of a major city, then they aren’t very practical and neither would be a dog, for that matter.

So, before you start searching through the pets for sale from Freeads, and make a rash decision you may later regret, here are a few you might want to consider.


Fish are the perfect first pet for children – they require little attention or commitment, but help teach the skills many others do – as they do need to be fed and cleaned out. They are ideal for a family, who are perhaps watching the pennies and might be low on space – because you can have anything from one goldfish in a small tank on the kitchen counter to a larger tank of tropical fish in a cabinet in the lounge. 


Ok, so you can’t cuddle a reptile and perhaps they don’t have the appeal of a cute, furry creature – but certain reptiles really do make the perfect pet. Most reptiles aren’t particularly demanding pets – they are low-maintenance, don’t require much space, are easy to feed, provide a lesson in responsibility, they are quiet and are highly unlikely to injure. However, do bear in mind that if you go for a tortoise, for example, while they do hibernate for part of the year, they do generally have the longest lifespan of any animal and have been known to live more than 100 years.  


Birds can make great pets – but they are far more demanding than the above two – requiring almost daily attention. For children, the smaller, relatively inexpensive birds are the best place to start, as they need a little less attention than the bigger ones. They do still come with specific requirements, you may not be aware of, so look into this carefully first.  


Smaller mammals such as hamsters and guinea pigs are relatively easy to raise – only requiring a fairly small space and rudimentary care. Be aware that that rodents can bite when they feel threatened – particularly hamsters. You may be surprised to hear that rats make excellent pets due to their intelligence, larger size and enjoyment of human companionship. 

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Cats are independent creatures – but while they require less attention than dogs, they are no less commitment. However, they may be a better choice than a dog if you have limited space – although this space should really allow them access to the garden, unless you plan for it to be a house cat.


Dogs, perhaps, require the most attention and commitment of any of these pets – but they will also give the most back in return. They are an excellent companion for children, can teach them an awful lot as they grow up and will show you all unconditional love and affection. If you choose to go for a dog then it is important to research breeds carefully, to decide which one is best for you.

 Owning a pet is a rewarding experience for both you and your children, each one coming with its own pros and cons. So, think carefully about your situation, not just at present, but looking forward, to work out which one is right for you and your kids. You may like the idea of a particular pet, but that doesn’t mean they are right for you.

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  1. A great post. It took us a long time to take the plunge and get our beloved dog. We have more time now so that he’s not left for long periods and we do a lot of stuff with the kids which involve the dog such as forest or beach walking. We wouldn’t be without him now but a huge commitment and expense 🙂

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