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Reading is so important to me through blogging and through my writing but it’s also something I want my children to enjoy and so far they all love books. P1 has started to read her own stories or at least give them a good go. P2 has finally started to sit still for a full story and P3 loves to chew on her cardboard books. This month we have had an influx of great reads arrive through our door and I wanted to share them all in a collective post so that none get lost because they all deserve a mention.


We’ve had 5 titles; Spot A Lot Vehicles, The Giant of Jum, All Aboard The Dinosaur Express and two different versions of Alice in Wonderland.

Spot A Lot Vehicles, by Steve Smallman & Nicola Slater

This was sent as part of our Parragon Book Buddies scheme. I have to admit that I found the basic story line a little bit confusing. It started with a delivery boy getting stuck and then sort of lost the plot a little. The idea of the book is to search, count and learn about different vehicles. It is certainly a very good book for capturing attention. P1 really enjoyed it even though I felt like it was going on forever! The book costs just over £5.

All Aboard the Dinosaur Express, by Timothy Knapman

P2 has been playing a lot of dinosaur games with her Uncle G and when All Aboard The Dinosaur Express arrived through our door her little face lit up. I was quite busy that day trying to get some blog stuff done as I’m falling behind but seeing her little face gleam made me want to sit and read to her. It was a beautiful book. The illustrations were just simply stunning. The story itself was amazing too with some well known dinosaur characters and rhyming throughout. I personally love how the book feels glossy and high quality. The book costs £6.99 from Amazon.

dinosaur express

The Giant of Jum, by Elli Woollard and Benji Davies

I personally loved this book. It takes the typical scary Giant with the fee fi fo fum’s and turns him into a friendly Giant. The illustrations were beautiful, not quite as bold and bright as I’d like but very busy with things to look at. I loved the story line and at just £3.85 on Amazon you can’t really go wrong.

giant of jum

Alice In Wonderland, by Ladybird First Favourites Tales

This book was the classic Alice In Wonderland story from my childhood only this one was aimed for a younger reader. P2 found it really amusing. The illustrations were very cute. This book costs just under £5 from Amazon.

Walt Disney’s Alice In Wonderland, by Little Golden Books

I wasn’t keen on this book despite it being the actual classic. I find the illustrations quite dull but what I did love is the fact that it is the original story and I was quite excited about reading it to P1. She is very much into the classic stories. This book costs just £2.51!

alice in wonderland


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