What We’re Wearing For BritMums Live 2015?

In case you have been living under a rock, or I haven’t actually met you face to face, you’ll probably not realise that BritMums Live 2015 is extremely close. As in TOMORROW!! For those who don’t know, BritMums Live is the biggest blogging conference in the UK where lifestyle and parenting bloggers meet, chat, drink wine (not me) and learn about all things blogging. 

Last year I was a panicky mess about the whole thing as it was my first time. This year I’m feeling somewhat calm despite the fact I’ll actually be having an extra addition to lug around in the form of P3. I’m feeling quite lucky this year though as unlike last year I’ve managed to grab a fantastic sponsor (Fisher-Price) who kindly paid for my ticket, I’ve also snapped up a hotel to review for Friday night (Citadines Holborn-Covent Garden) and P3 has been given some amazing clothes (info to follow).

I’ve blogged already about my sponsor and what I’m planning to take so I thought I’d let you know about what I’m going to wear and more importantly what P3 is going to wear. Over the years I’ve come to realise that being small sucks and I actually feel most confident when I’m wearing my heels. I wear them absolutely everywhere – to do a food shop or wander around the Natural History Museum or the playground. Last year at 24 weeks pregnant (I think) I wore my wedge heels and a tight fitting dress. 

When I planned my outfit I wanted to stay true to myself and wear what I normally would, I wanted to be smart too but I felt so out of place that weekend. I think 90% of people who went were in leggings or jeans, flat shoes and generally smart casual. This year I have hindsight in my favour. I still want to stay true to my self and my general “fashion” if you can call it that, but with P3 coming along and a 20 minute walk to and from the hotel I do want to be comfortable above everything. I’ll be wearing my leather look skirt with vest top on one of the days and my floral floaty dress on the other, they’ll most likely be paired with my wedge black heels or potentially even my flip flops although that requires painting my toes! Plus I know if I wear my flip flops I’ll feel super self conscious.

birtmums wear

P3s outfits are much more exciting. I always love dressing the girls up for special occasions and generally whenever we leave the house. There’s no point me looking dressed up if my children resemble the homeless look. I had picked out two really beautiful dresses that P3 already has and I’m still toying with the idea of taking them along anyway but P3 has actually been sent some beautiful outfits from three different companies. I’ll be reviewing them after BritMums Live in more details so look out for those. But here they are:


(From left to right) Babygrow and Jacket from Shmuncki ~ Smock Top & Pull Up Set from Frugi ~ Ditsy Print Sleepsuit & Headband and a Personalised Cable Knit Blanket from My 1st Years

All that’s left for me to do is to actually pack and head to Tesco to buy my snacks and baby milk. Are you ready for BritMums Live? Do you like our outfit choices?


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