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I remember a time when for me, my mobile phone was my statement accessory. During secondary school if you still had a block like phone when the latest one was a flip, then you were classed as a bit of a weirdo. I don’t know what secondary school life is like nowadays but for me personally, I’m not overly bothered what my phone looks like or even if it’s the latest brand. For me my mobile is the link to my entire life. I have been the popular “fruit” brand of phone for many years now and then I was offered the chance to try out the Sony Xperia X.

sony xperia x unboxing photo

The Sony Xperia X is being advertised everywhere as having a fantastic camera so this really appealed to me. I was so excited when the package arrived and even more ecstatic when I opened the box to find a beautiful Rose Gold phone staring back at me. I used to hate the Rose Gold colour but it’s really in trend at the moment and has grown on me considerably.

So inside the box there is the phone itself, an instruction manual and the charge cable and plug. I was a little disappointed to see there wasn’t any earphones included considering the phone costs £459.99. However, it is super slim and lightweight. It has a generous 5 inch HD screen. It fits a tiny Nano sim and has the option to pop a SD Memory Card in although it comes with 32GB storage already built in. Setting it up was super easy with a step by step guide and then tutorials after the initial setup too.

sony xperia photos

As I said above, the Sony Xperia X is said to be fantastic for photography. The camera is 23MP with Predictive Hybrid Auto Focus and it also has a low light 13MP Selfie camera. Oh and it has full HD 1080p Video Recording which I was quite interested in as I’m vlogging a lot more lately, but I was a bit disappointed to know that is doesn’t support 4k video which most the very latest smartphones do. I actually vlogged our strawberry picking adventure using just the Sony Xperia X which can be viewed here

There are lots of camera settings and things to play around with. There’s an option to set where when you click the camera button on the actual handset, it’ll capture the image before it’s loaded so that you never miss a special moment. I was actually given a photography challenge whilst I tested out the Sony Xperia X, I was asked to capture some X Moments for the #WhatsYourX campaign. An X Moment is a moment in time that is there and gone within a blink of the eye. Here’s all my X Moments that I captured with the Sony Xperia X:

whats your x moment

Top Left To Right: 

  1. My BiL found a Grass Hopper in his front garden and asked me to photograph it and those things jump pretty quick.
  2. This captured our first ever raspberry picking adventure.

Middle Left To Right:

  1. P1 went to a birthday party. She decided to draw in her friend’s card. This moment was special to me as she puts in lots of effort.
  2. We found a snail outside and made a little home for it with lettuce. On day 3 when despite the jar being open wide, he was still there I decided to capture that moment.
  3. Hubby surprised me with a tasty treat after a pretty awful bedtime I endured one evening.

Bottom Left To Right:

  1. Every day for the past month or so, P2 has been watching our orchid flower one by one. This was a special moment for us each day.
  2. I loved watching P3s little face as she learnt about strawberry picking. Here she is with her collection.
  3. All three of my girls on the strawberry picking adventure. The object tracking of the Sony Xperia X came in handy this day as all three tend to move or look in other directions so I needed the auto focus.

Photo Below:

  1. I think this one is pretty self explanatory. This cat belongs to my MiL and he’s an old boy now. He’s also so incredibly gentle with children. I took so many photos of him using the object tracking. You simply tap the person or thing you want to be in focus and when it moves, it’ll stay focused. Brilliant for busy children or cute pets like him.

Do you have any special blink and they’re gone moments? Share them on social media with the #WhatsYourX

whats your x 2

The Sony Xperia X runs on Google Android software which is a bit alien to me if I’m honest. It took me a little while to get used to it. The display seemed bright and really sharp though and once I had a play I found the phone quite easy to navigate. I of course downloaded all my social media apps, had a fiddle with the settings and explored the messaging features. There are some really cool stickers, emojis and options for messaging. I love how you can capture a photo of video right from the messaging screen and see the conversation as well as the photo box at the same time.

sony xperia interface

To be honest I felt that the camera on the Sony Xperia X wasn’t as great as I’d hoped it to be. The photos didn’t seem as sharp and the colours seemed very saturated despite a fiddle of settings to see if it helped at all. The phone also kept showing warnings of overheating when I was filming for too long which I have read quite a lot about when trying to figure it all out. I was really impressed by the battery life and options with the battery too, there are stamina modes so that you can get the most out of your battery life but I honestly only needed to charge it every one and a half days when I was vlogging continously, or barely every two to three days when I wasn’t really active on the phone other than a few social media posts.

I would have liked it to have been 4k supportive but to be honest it is a really good phone and does everything you’d need a phone to do these days. It’s a great alternative to the fruit brand phones and I would really recommend it. I would have preferred a lower price tag though as I’m not sure it’s worth nearly £500.

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Ease of Use
Value For Money

Really pleased

Sleek looking phone with many features. The battery life is amazing and the photography options are extensive.

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