“When I think of children’s birthday parties I always think lots of hyper kids in a play centre”

It was my brother-in-laws birthday party today. He’ll be 3 on Monday. Since I joined the family I’ve seen him grow and change so much!! I wish that I was around when he was a baby to be honest. Seeing the differences between girls and boys is interesting too.

The party was fab! It was really unusual. When I think of children’s birthday parties I always think lots of hyper kids in a play centre. We met at a garden centre, had food and then went on a nature trail. How cool?! And for someone who doesn’t really enjoy being in a situation with lots and lots of children, it was really organised and calm! It was so much fun. My hat definitely goes off to my MiL for always planning really fun things.
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Today’s party has got me thinking though. I haven’t arranged anything for P1! It’s her birthday in two months, just over, and she’ll be five years old! That’s a big milestone in my opinion and I’ve arranged absolutely nothing yet.

Last year was P1s first birthday party. I took her to Clay Cottage, the ceramic painting place I’ve spoken about before, and she loved it. But this year, she has school friends and family friends to think about. Plus, her birthday is Christmas Eve so finding a time that suits everybody is so difficult!! Then there’s P2… She’ll be one in February! So should I just wait and sort out some sort of joint party for them both?! Or is that really bad and cheap of me?

I’d love to hear about all your children’s party’s! (to comment on this post ((and others)) the comment button is right at the bottom of the page. This is something I’ve nagged my hubby to sort because the only comments I’m getting recently are spam!! I miss you guys/girls commenting so please do)

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  1. I’ll have a think for you too hun 🙂

  2. It’s always difficult with Christmas bring so close to her birthday. I’ll put my thinking cap on 🙂 x

  3. Love the nature trail idea. Last year we went to the dreaded soft play. This year we might do a party at home and have a Peppa Pig theme, with muddy puddles to jump in.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      That’s a fantastic idea! Unfortunately, my home is very tiny and can barely fit my little family in let alone lots of kids! Eeeeeep

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