“When we go back to Essex every Saturday it just doesn’t feel the same”

I keep getting asked about my move from Essex to Kent. Why I did it? How’s it been? Have I settled? etc etc. Losing my Nan so close to move county’s has be tough, real tough, but there’s absolutely nothing I regret.

Everything’s different over here. It’s cleaner, it’s prettier, the petrol is more expensive, Tesco & Sainsburys have Fast Track shopping, the people are friendlier and more approachable. I feel calmer. I feel at home. For the first time in my whole life.

When we go back to Essex every Saturday it just doesn’t feel the same, nobody smiles at you or says hello. People just go about their everyday life as if you weren’t important. It’s not like that in Kent.

I borrowed a Phil & Teds double buggy from a stranger. Yup, a complete stranger. She trusted me with her buggy to take it to wherever I wanted just because. How generous is that?! It made my life at the Baby Show a little easier. (More of that to come)
20131026-085944 pm.jpgIt wasn’t the best of buggies to manoeuvre I have to admit. But it helped P1 through the very long and tiring day. I’m exhausted today.

Another amazing thing we’ve bagged since moving to Sevenoaks was a whole bunch of size 9-12months clothes for P2! About 36 pieces plus socks and a hat all for just £20. The clothes are in fantastic condition too.
20131026-090837 pm.jpg

20131026-090900 pm.jpg

20131026-090934 pm.jpgSo yeah, life over in Kent is definitely better. The schools are fantastic and there are loads of baby groups to choose from!!

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  1. So pleased that you’re happy and settling in well to your new life in Kent and it was lovely to meet you on Friday 🙂 xx

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