When Will Winter & Spring Finish Their Arguing?

Seriously Spring time, grow some balls and kick this Winter away sooner rather than later. So in case you are not living in the UK, we are currently living in an icy, snowy, winter wonderland yet again. It’s hard to believe that the photos in this blog post were taken on Friday.

On Friday, I found myself outside without my coat and without shivering like a jelly. We got home from school, I forced the kids to have their iPad time on a picnic blanket in our garden. It felt amazing, honestly I just can’t explain how excited I am for summer sun and warmth on my skin.

But for now, we seem to be stuck in this winter rut. It’s bitter cold, it’s windy and it is just awful. I love snow, honestly I do but it’s March for goodness sake! I want to see the colours of the trees change as we go into Spring time and I want longer days and fun in the garden.

I suppose we can’t get away from how cute photos are with the white glow of snow?!

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