Where Are You? Why Aren’t You?

Since researching and reviewing Green Pomelo cloth nappies I’ve been really aware of everything nappy related and washable related.

I actually love cloth nappies now and I’m certainly converted. But the ease of buying things for them is difficult. They don’t sell cloth nappies in stores but there’s a whole aisle of disposable nappies and wipes!!

On the tv, there’s loads of adverts for disposable nappies and wipes, but where are the adverts for TotsBots, BumGenius etc etc. There isn’t!

How can we promote the use of cloth nappies and change the view for other parents or parents-to-be when there just isn’t enough information put out into our world and media?!

The government promote recycling, cutting down waste and walking/cycling more. But it’s perfectly ok to use disposable products on your children. And if that isn’t their view then why aren’t they putting more information, more tv adverts and more flyers in easy access to all parents and parents-to-be!!

Cloth nappy-ing isn’t as hard as everyone thinks… We aren’t in the 1900s anymore! I definitely think more should be done to promote a greener way.

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