Where Did That Come From

After what seems like so many broken nights of sleep, last night was a tad different. Rather unusual and very nice.

P2 had fallen asleep at about 8pm, on top of our bed whilst I sat and worked on creating our new business spreadsheets. She was quite unsettled but didn’t feed. She then woke at about 10pm for an hour, she played, was changed and had a feed at 11pm where she fell asleep and I put her in her cot.

My OH and I didn’t actually go to sleep until about 1am. P2 started crying at 1:30! I was devastated and sleepy. I got her into our bed but by the time I was comfortable next to her and offering a boobie, she was asleep ?!?!?!?

So I put her back into her cot and she didn’t wake until 6am! Where she fed, then went back to sleep until 8:50, had another feed and is now sleeping again?!

I’m amazed at the amount of sleep we’ve had. But is it too early for her to have dropped her middle of the night feed? My boobies certainly weren’t ready for that and are bursting at the seams this morning. Hello Medela Breastpump!
20130720-091050 AM.jpg
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  1. I always think that at this stage they let you know if they’re hungry so I shouldn’t worry, enjoy it!

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