Where Did That Come From?

When preparing for the arrival of our second daughter we bought everything we may need. I had visions to breastfeed for just a few weeks. So we bought all the equipment for bottle feeding – steriliser, bottles, express pump, dummies, milk powder dispenser etc etc.

They are all sitting in the under-cot-storage-drawer. Gathering dust most likely. I haven’t expressed yet. I don’t intend to use a dummy. I feel like we’ve wasted a lot of money.

On the other hand we have clothes coming out of our ears! We’ve only ever bought one pack of babygros and I feel very lucky to have had the help and gifts from family and friends. We have enough outfits to last her until 9-12months. Which I have to say will not be long as she’s about to grow out of newborn clothes already.

I made the huge mistake of emptying her under-cot-storage drawer onto my bed today. And as you can see… it’s a mess! Whilst doing this I had P1 demanding a bath, P2 wide awake and wanting boobie and me with a headache that feels like my head is about to explode.

P2 hasn’t been well yesterday and today – the same as me. A horrible cough/cold thing that has gone from P1 to me, to P2 and now my OH informs me he has a sore throat and runny nose. The joys of parenthood!

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  1. Victoria Jenkins (@Victoriaaa0)

    I’m the same, ive got so many gadgets and things like undercot breathing monitors etc that i have never used. As a first time mummy i got drawn in by all the fansy pantsy and bought everything i could think of. Im still a sucker for clothes though…we have about 50 summer tee’s in the next size.. and as i live in england they probs wont even get worn. Hope your all feeling better soon. The downside of parenting is that you have to soldier on when your ill x


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