Where’s The Logic In That?

I changed midwife half way through this pregnancy back to who I had when pregnant with P1. She was great! And recently they’ve moved where they hold their appointments.

It’s less than convenient! Who’s great idea was it to make pregnant women walk down a huge hill to the back of a school?! A man’s idea probably (no offence to the men reading this). Oh and not to mention walking back up the hill!!

Anyway, after the trek to the appointment I walk in to find its not my usual midwife! Why? I booked to see her so why am I seeing a randomer. Right when I really needed some friendly advice!!!!

The usual took place, blood pressure, heartbeat, everything ok? – no I’m pretty sure I’m in labour actually! I asked her to check my blood results as the hospital said they’d be ready… Apparently they wouldn’t be so she didn’t even bother to check. Why meeeee!

Off I go, baby is healthy, in pain, ready for my walk back up the hill. Yay. No more informed about what’s happening with my body at the moment.

Earlier I said I wasn’t having contractions. But I certainly think I am. I have a constant dull backache that every now and then becomes more intense accompanied with tummy tightenings and period pain. Especially this evening.

I’ve spent the afternoon round my Grandparents as a change of scenery but I’m also absolutely terrified of being one of those women who give birth unexpectedly on the toilet – the thought of having P1 witness that horrifies me!

I’m so going to have a really slow, painful labour. I can feel it – and it blooming hurts!!!!!!!!!

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