Why Blogging Is A 24/7 Job

I think I was always destined to write. As a child I spent hours at a little desk in the kitchen writing stories. None of these stories were ever finished despite my dream of having a book published one day. I wish I still had the hundreds of sheets of paper that I went through. Really I am still writing a story. My story. My life.

I’ve found that my blog has gradually become predominantly reviews or collaborations with various brands. Although I am passionate about that side of this blog, clearly or I wouldn’t keep doing it, I have felt that I’ve swayed a little off track in documenting our lives.

I spend the majority of my day in blog mode. That’s why when people ask me what I do I will always reply “I’m a blogger”. In my head I have come up with many posts but by the time I get the chance to sit down and type, the words just aren’t there. Hubby says I need to write it down in my notes on my iPhone but the thing is, when my inspirational posts and phrases and sentences arrive in my head I’m usually washing up, changing P3s bottom or in the shower!

blog life

I love blogging. I love the community and I love the fact I have the girls lives documented. My feelings. To be honest, I hope they don’t hate me with some of the things I’ve said but it has become apparent that my blog is so much more than just my little cove on the Internet. I’m working. Every day. Long hours. Night shifts. Even when I’m not at my laptop, I’m still blogging.

It’s not just about the writing. It’s all the photos I take and edit, the social media interaction and responding to emails. That’s why I believe blogging is so much harder than my previous 9-5:30 job as a Shipping Manager for an aircraft spares company. That was a tiring job, one I had no enthusiasm for unfortunately and it clearly showed. I don’t think the boss liked me very much and I was definitely treated as the younger one, which I was.

I’m finding it hard lately to have my personal blogging mojo, the job/work side of it is flowing quite nicely, but bare with me because I want to be better at recording our lives so I can reflect on my girls childhoods and my own memories. I think I maybe need to start physically writing a diary.

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  1. My problem is time – plenty to say, not enough time to say it. I have four children 8,6,22 months and 7 months. I write most of my posts on my smartphone in the middle of the night, email them to myself and then posts them when I get a chance. Great post – the laptop photo made me laugh, my 7 month old is great at pressing delete!

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