Why I Hate School Holidays

I always get so excited about school holidays. I’m a stay at home mum so I am lucky to be able to spend the holidays with my girls. I plan loads of things to do. Baking, painting, going to the park and swimming. But each and every school holiday we’ve ever experienced has gone far from to plan.

I’ve been quite excited about this one though. We’ve had a busy month with pretty much every single day full up with various appointments, events, trips away and doctors appointments. I have been desperate for a break. A break from early mornings, rushing around and the busy of every day life. I’m exhausted and was ready to have a break with lots of pyjama days.

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It started with a magical trip to Chessington and visiting family in Essex. It gave me hope that this holiday wouldn’t follow the footsteps of every other one we’ve had. P1 and P2 have really been getting along lately and playing so beautifully together. I’ve been watching a really strong bond appear between them and I hoped this holiday would strengthen it even more by allowing them to have quality time with each other.

It hasn’t been like that. It hasn’t been how I wished for it to be. It’s certainly not been relaxing and a break. It’s been torture and today has especially been awful! I planned a Halloween themed activity but that ended up just being a free for all painting session which of course the girls were more than happy with but it’s the not listening that is really getting to me lately.


P1 seems to have very split personalities. One for term time and one for holiday time. Her behaviour starts to improve during term time, only to be completely destroyed during the holidays. It’s sad, mainly because the way she behaves prevents us from doing the fun family things I want to do. She doesn’t deserve them. In fact today she has spent most of the day on her bedroom supposedly thinking about her behaviour. It’s sad because whilst she’s having 6 minutes in bed, which ends up being half an hour due to her not listening, P2 is downstairs pining for her big sister to come and play.

Meanwhile, there’s P3 who isn’t well and has spent the week crying her eyes out. I have a headache, I am exhausted, I am bored of being indoors with naughty children. I am tired of shouting, of never being listened to, being answered back at and all I can hear is children moaning or crying. I can’t wait for school to be back. I can’t wait for the early mornings. I can’t wait for nursery. I can’t wait to have my semi behaved children back!!

Do your kids flip the switch and go from nice to naughty during school holidays? Or am I alone?

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  1. Sending hugs….I have had a few moments with my girls today! I was baking with them and they started bickering and screeching! They’re 8 & 13. They should no better. I sent them out of the kitchen….10 minutes later they came back and were lovely! lol

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