Why Is Our World Like This?

It sends shivers down my spine to think about yesterday’s events in Woolwich. A solider was brutally murdered. It’s disgusting. The whole situation is disgusting.

It always sickens me when people murder. My thoughts go to the families that get effected by that one person who takes it upon themselves to take someone else’s life! I think we are all pretty effected by yesterday. To make things worse, the NHS are treating the murderers for their wounds.

When watching the news today, there were protests over night. That’s made me angry, literally fuming. I’m not 100% sure as to why it’s been classed as a terrorist attack?! I think by saying that, England has opened itself up to a whole load of trouble. How can anyone think that protesting and causing trouble, police having to push people away etc how can anyone think that’s helping the situation?! If anything surely it’s making it worse…

I’m full of anger. Full of upset. Full of disgust. The human race is turning into something horrible, monstrous! It’s scary. I don’t want my girls growing up in this world, a world of fighting and killing. A world with little respect for anyone else. I’m scared for our future!!

Rest In Peace to the soldier that lost his life in Woolwich yesterday. It’s tragic.

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