Why Isn’t It My Sleep Time Now?

I’ve had one of those days when you just sit there and think really?!?

Those photos were taken earlier… You would never have guessed that P1 had just been sick. She’s been complaining of feeling sick for a few days now and I’m utterly convinced it’s because she hasn’t been eating properly recently – that’s for another post. She gagged this morning and that usually is the sign sick is very close by. Which it was. She managed to get herself into the downstairs toilet, look at the toilet whilst we prompted her to be sick down it, turn her head away and throw up all over the floor. I gagged from the very odd colour it was and my mum ended up on her hands and knees whilst I dealt with P1.

Soon after she was chirpy and reading stories to P2 – who in response was making very happy little noises.

We later had a case of diarrhoea which absolutely terrified P1. She didn’t understand why it was in her pants – she just said “water has bubbled into my trousers”. I felt so sorry for her! She knows we don’t tolerate accidents now and she looked genuinely worried I would tell her off, especially when she pulled her trousers down and realised it was what it was. I had to try explain to a 4 year old that this thing sometimes happens when you’re not well.

She was fine for the rest of the day. Refused to eat her dinner and went to bed early.

My OH came home from work acting very strange, stressed, and not feeling well. He’s gone to bed shivering because I’ve taken the duvet away from him as he has a temperature of 39c.

To top it off P2 screamed from 9 – 9:45 constantly for what seemed like no reason as after fighting with my boob, wriggling away from my arms and being rocked she finally went to sleep… Although is awake again after just a 10minute snooze.

Give me strength! This is so destined to be a rubbish night.

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  1. I hope everyone gets better soon. I had a situation like that last winter. Thank god this winter went by and the children were relatively healthy.

  2. Oh dear, try to stay strong and hopefully the lurghy won’t get you! Hope P1 and your OH feel better soon xx

  3. Bless your heart! I remember those days. No sleep, fatigue, and then you get sick and have to look after yourself. HUGS

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