Why You Should Plan An Education Vacation

When I book holidays I have to admit that I don’t think about the educational value of the experiences. I really should studies suggest that eight in ten children are more interested in what they are taught at school after an educational holiday, while more than half (59%) of children who go on educational holidays achieve higher grades at school.

Travel, it turns out, really does broaden the mind and can help adults and kids learn in many different ways that are just aren’t possible in the classroom.

You could experience a different culture on your next family holiday by booking flights to Dubai as part of an Arabian adventure. The Middle East is a region rich in culture, history and cuisine. There’s so many learning experiences to grasp hold of across the entire world.

As you may know we are off to Orlando and whilst out there we have a lot of theme park experiences but we’ve actually made a conscious effort this time to pop in some educational trips too. We have a few museum visits and also heading to Kennedy Space Center to enhance their current Space topic at school.

If the US is a little too far for your family, for an educational sightseeing adventure you could always consider flights for the entire family to the city of Barcelona for a rich cultural experience that’s closer to home.

The experts at Opodo have published a new infographic that reveals why traveling is the best education possible and shares insight into what should be on your bucket list when holidaying with the family this summer. I really enjoyed reading through it and learnt so much about going on an education vacation.

Disclosure: Opodo asked me for my opinion on the findings of its research.

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