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I know I love presents. Hubby isn’t going to deny the fact he loves presents too. My children are quite partial to presents too. Heck, I’ll stretch to saying everybody loves presents. But one thing I hate doing is buying them, especially for people outside my household and males too. Wicked Uncle was created for people like me needing new, bright ideas for family, friends and even school friends.

Although the website itself doesn’t scream out to me “toys”, it is really simple to navigate. With gender and age groups separated making it easy to browse and find the perfect gift for the child/children you are buying for. There’s a decent variety of toys; technology based, crafts and games plus much more. Once you’ve picked the toy you want you can choose whether to have gift wrap, a message and you can designate certain presents to certain people if you are buying for more than one child. It really makes the present buying experience simple and stress free. We were gifted a voucher to try out the website and some toys ourselves.

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I had loads of fun picking out gifts for the girls. I didn’t find the variety for babies that fantastic so I decided to focus on the other two and found some perfect gifts for each of their personalities. P1 is really into crafts and P2 has a love for chocolate lollipops since Easter. So I purchased a Magical Fairy Garden for P1 and the Melt and Make Chocolate Lollipop Animals. The process was so easy and being able to pay with PayPal is always a bonus here!

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The gifts were packaged really well, much better wrapping than I could do even after Christmas! I was so pleased and the girls were very excited. I feel very lucky to be able to give them these little gifts every now and then thanks to my blog.

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Saturday night P1 went for her first ever sleepover round a school friends house. So with her play mate away we wanted to keep P2 entertained so we batted our eyelids at hubby to join in and got to work being Chocolatiers. I loved how the instructions were really child focused too, it starting with “first things first put on your chefs hat”. P2 really enjoyed herself with hubby and obviously eating the chocolate was the best part. The moulds and sticks can be reused too so we can do this again.

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When P1 got home on Sunday, she was super excited about making her own Fairy Garden. I hadn’t read that you needed to provide your own soil but thankfully Hubby saved the day yet again and took her to the garden centre and also brought back some little indoor flowers for P1 to plant in her Fairy Garden. Again, this was so simple to follow and create. We stopped P2 from getting involved so it was all Hubby and P1. This gift was stunning, magical and I can’t wait to see the grass start to grow and the flowers bloom.

I am so pleased with the buying experience and the quality of the service and products we received. I will certainly be turning to Wicked Uncle again when I’m lost for inspiration and even for something a little different to the usual plastic toys for my girls.


Value for Money

A user friendly online toy shop. Full of quirky and different gift ideas for children.

User Rating: 4.33 ( 2 votes)

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    Wicked Uncle has been my secret go to for birthday presents for the last two years.

    Lizzie Dripping

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