Win Over £100 Worth of Prizes to Celebrate Our 2nd Blog Birthday

2014 is over! Gone. It seems to have really flown by. I’m not even going to reflect on my goals this year as we’ve had a pretty bad year for our personal life and I’m quite relieved that it’s over.

We have had a few wonderful moments and in some senses 2014 was one of our best years. We welcomed our third and final daughter to the world. Of course, that itself had its difficulties but I’m excited to be going into a new year as a completed family.

We’ve gone into 2015 with a broken car and a poorly P2. She was diagnosed with a mild case of Scarlet Fever and has been pretty ill since Boxing Day. However, my online life and the experiences I’ve had thanks to my blog have been incredible!!

The companies I’ve been lucky enough to work with and the products we’ve been sent have been amazing. I don’t even have words for it! It’s not only made life easier but it’s opened my eyes to so many wonderful things and experiences. This year I became a Fisher-Price Mum and I also joined the Bernard Matthews Family Panel.

I feel so lucky and to say thank you for everyone’s support I have a competition with some fantastic prizes up for grabs. One lucky winner will get their hands on all of the following prizes;


Babasling Classic Organic Pebble (RRP £44.99)


This sling is so simple to use. I chose the classic to be entered into this prize as I thought it was very unisex. It’s made from 100% organic cotton. It can be used straight from birth and in five different positions. It can be used indoors or out which makes this a perfect, simple sling for parent and baby.

Baylis & Harding Skin Spa Herbal Therapy Collection – Mulberry, Hollyhock & Thyme Body Radiance Gift Set (RRP £14)


This luscious gift set includes Bath Milk, Body Polisher, Body Cleanser and Body Butter. Enjoy the aroma of Mulberry, Hollyhock & Thyme to uplift and refresh your skin. Everyone’s skin deserves a little treat to get it started in the right way this year.

Russell the Sheep Dog (RRP £34.99)


We’ve had the lovely company of Ewan the Dream Sheepfor P3 who is the perfect companion for babies, well Russell the Sheep Dog is a toddlers best friend to help with sleep. With his cute little face and a soft blue and green light show that lasts for 30 minutes. Unlike Ewan there are no pre-recorded tunes however you can record a personal message, story or song that lasts up to 4 minutes long which is then put on a loop 8 times lasting the full 30minutes of the light glow.

Rockabilly Kids (RRP £6.99)


We’ve been using the Rockabilly Kids Toothbrush for a while now and P1 loves it. It’s the hygienic and fun toothbrush. It’s just like the Weebles where they wobble and never fall down. There are six characters to choose from; Astronaut Andy, Cowboy Clint, Footballer Freddie, Vet Valerie, Chef Cheryl and Superstar Stella. They each come with 3 toothbrush heads meaning just one toothbrush will last the whole year!!!

The competition is running for two weeks so check back daily for extra entries and the possibility of extra prizes that will be added.

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2015 may not have started in the best of fashions but I think it’s set to be a great year! We’re going to Disney On Ice, a family wedding, P2 will turn two years old, BritMums Live, our 2 year wedding anniversary and P3s first birthday. Hopefully a holiday somewhere in the mix?!

What are your resolutions?

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  1. To try and be greener with baby number 2! Cloth nappies, reusable wipes and washable breast pads! x

  2. my new years revolution is to loose weight and be more confident and beat pcos so i can start my family i love my nieces 🙂

  3. I want to end the year in less debt than I started it in!

  4. I haven’t really made any as too busy looking after my newborn so I guess my resolution is to put her first.

  5. Once my knee is healed I’m going to start going to triathlon club… well just the swimming part (as I’ve been told I’ll probably not be able to ride anymore) 🙂

  6. to drink more water

  7. Make an effort to Save more Money

  8. To smile & laugh more in 2015

  9. dont give up wiyh anything you trying to achive keep smiling

  10. to always believe in my future and fate and that things will always look better

  11. Excellent giveaway – this year I plan to drink less, spend more time at home and do some housework. Stephen :o)

  12. So many…put to find a positive everyday i the one I’m really trying with for now!

  13. To lose weight and get fit

  14. To slow down a bit and enjoy what I have

  15. To lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle!

  16. to put weight on!

  17. Not to make them, as I only break them. Instead to make small life changes through out the year

  18. Ours is to be the best parents we can be to our first baby bump due 21st February. So excited x

  19. To get back to walking 2 miles a day when my broken foot heals

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I hope it heals quickly! I walk 6 miles each day, the school run is 1.6miles there and 1.6 back, times two!


  21. To eat more healthily (and hopefully lose some weight at the same time!)

  22. Kelly (@Jakeysmummy2006)

    To lose weight! 🙂

  23. To make more time for my children

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Its funny how we find it hard to do this. I struggle even though im surrounded by my children each day

  24. to make sure my kiddies laugh everyday =)

  25. To make more time for myself without feeling guilty!

  26. To tackle the junk draw and clear stuff out.

  27. To look after my skin.

  28. To sit less and get up and go more

  29. to keep fit and lose weight

  30. To take control of my health and put plans into actions

  31. Learning to be less uptight and to go with the flow more 🙂

  32. get my 5 a day x

  33. To lose weight

  34. To dust off the road bike and get out more

  35. To get more sleep and go to bed sooner. Wishing you a very happy new year. x

  36. To complete my CBT therapist training

  37. not to make any more new years resolutions

  38. To go outdoors every single day regardless of the weather.

  39. To stop worrying over trivial matters

  40. to get more organised!

  41. None this year! 🙂

  42. Throw out the salt pot

  43. I make it every year and fail it every year but to lose weight and get to a weight I am happy with. This is my year!

  44. I really want to lose a stone in weight minimum, its not much to some but i know losing a stone and getting fitter will make me feel alot better in myself

  45. Plan ahead more and delegate things so I can get a little more me time (possibly selfish but a less hassled me will be good for everyone!).

  46. To organise everything for work and nursery the night before so I’m not rushed and late in a morning!

  47. Stress less about things which cannot be changed

  48. Hopefully move to a larger property with garden

  49. To set a wedding date after 6 years

  50. to continue with my successful weight loss

  51. To try and get my house finally decorated this year. Didn’t go so well with that resolution the past 2 years but maybe third year will be the one lol

  52. to get fit and healthy

  53. Loose some weight!

  54. To drink more water everyday

  55. positive outlook every day 🙂

  56. Lorraine Tinsley

    To lose weight by eating less and moving more

  57. to stop smoking

  58. I’m going to try and keep my eyebrows tidy – it’s only a little thing, but I want to look a bit more groomed in 2015!

  59. I’m going to cook more meals from scratch.

  60. To finish some quilting projects and camp more with family and friends

  61. Stop smoking 🙂

  62. laura jayne bates

    to get back in to my size 10 jeans

  63. to worry less, I am always stressed out, I need to take things in my stride more and chill-out!

    Anthony Harrington

  64. Get out of the house more. At the moment i can go weeks without leaving the house and it isnt fair on me or my family.

  65. To get on the property ladder and finally become a home owner x


  67. To eat healthier and strive to be wealthier

  68. Like you, I resolve to do more with the little people. I’m terrible for not getting paints out because I know it’s going to get messy. This year I plan to do (or go to) at least two special activities each week.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Yes i have this issue. I always weigh up whether the mess is worth the 10minutes of amusement. Things will change this year.

  69. to be totally focused and stress free – working full time, start uni this month, getting married later in the year eeeekkkk

  70. To learn to drive!

  71. My resolution is to save more money on our food shopping and bills and save the extra for a family holiday in a couple of years time xxx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      My tip for this is to buy the “basics” versions of food. they taste the same and more often are healthier or higher in meat content

  72. To be healthy and successful

  73. To quit smoking. It was also my resolution for 2014 🙁

  74. to get more vitamins into my body…i seem to be ill all the time

  75. be a more positive person

  76. To try and stop worrying as much about little things.x

  77. I make the same resolution every year! Get healthy and more active…!

  78. To exercise regularly throughout the year.

  79. To get out and about with the kids more

  80. Drink more water

  81. To eat healthier and be more inventive when cooking

  82. Exercise more, made a good start already!

  83. hello great blog hope you have a good newyear
    tis year i want to save enough for a deposit on a house 🙂

  84. To start running & i did my first run / crawl yesterday 🙂

  85. More patience and compassion……………..x

  86. To lose my baby weight after my little one is born (due 31st jan) 🙂

  87. Start on some lovely sewing projects x

  88. I haven’t made any this year as I never stick to them! xx

  89. to try and eat more fruit

  90. to challenge myself to do more things

  91. lose weight

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      This seems to be a popular goal. Im wondering if its due to the food consumption over christmas! Good luck.

  92. To lose a stone before my hols

  93. Make more time for others.

  94. read more books this year

  95. to quite smoking, so far so good 🙂


  97. To cycle to work instead of going by train so as to burn up calories instead of the wallet

  98. To go for a walk everyday.

  99. The same resolution every year which is to lose weight and be healthy.

  100. To lose one stone in weight (by 28th February 2015). I’m going to eat healthily, reduce portion sizes and exercise more. Keeping a food diary will help me keep on track and monitor my progress.

  101. Stay healthy and drink more wine 🙂

  102. To get a new job that is more suitable and that I actually enjoy!

  103. To finish all the decorating jobs that I’ve started but never finished.

  104. To start searching for the job that I love instead of a terrible work/life balance

  105. Happy 2nd Blog Birthday! its my blogs 2nd birthday too (on 14th jan :D) crazy how fast it goes!

    my resolution is to lose the baby weight plus an extra stone. shes 4 months old now – no excuse!

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      My youngest is 3months. There’s no excuse for eating a packet of biscuits a day. Good luck with your plans!

  106. Get healthy, both mentally and physically

  107. To get to my ideal weight

  108. To spend wisely. I would say loose weight but I fail on that every year 😉

  109. To try and lose some weight xx

  110. To lose weight!

  111. Elizabeth Rebecca

    I made 10! I won’t repeat them all here but it’s more exercise, take more of a break from work and spend more time with family and my partner.

    Lizzie Dripping

  112. lose a bit of weight!

  113. To spend more time as a family

  114. I haven’t made any resolutions. Just to carry on with a postive on life. 🙂 ️xx

  115. always such a pleasure to read. I hope you have a brilliant 2015 although it seems that it’s not started off all that great 🙂

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