WonderWorks Orlando & Going to Disney Springs For The First Time #2

I went to bed on our first night feeling like my head was going to explode. We’d been travelling for far too long. Thankfully a full night of sleep at our hotel, Staybridge Suites Orlando at SeaWorld, was all I needed to feel myself again.

We were all very excited for the complimentary breakfast. You can see my full review of Staybridge Suites Orlando by clicking here. The breakfast choices were amazing, Freya really enjoyed making her own waffles and the American bacon is so delicious!

Hubby was very pleased to have a little fan boy moment as he noticed someone that he watches on YouTube. A car garage channel called Tom’s Turbo Garage. I think Tom was also very excited to have someone notice him. I forced Hubby into getting a photo. Very sweet.

After breakfast we sorted our bits out for the day, made sure we all had sun cream on and then called for an Uber. I’m not sure if I mentioned it in the previous blog post, but we made the decision to not hire a car for our trip and instead use Uber’s. Due to needing a large/7 seat car it would have been more expensive than just getting an Uber.

The first adventure of our holiday was a visit to WonderWorks. They had kindly gifted us entrance. I hoped it would be a nice calm attraction to visit ahead of the busy theme park days we had coming up. It took about ten minutes to travel to WonderWorks from our hotel. Not long at all.

WonderWorks is an educational amusement park with over one hundred hands on science exhibits plus laser tag, high ropes and a 6D motion ride.

The outside of WonderWorks is an incredible upside down house. The theme of being upside down continues inside with the basement being upstairs for example. It’s pretty mind boggling and the girls found it very exciting going into an upside down building.

There are different options for entrance prices. The all access ticket costs $33.99+tax for an adult and $24.99+tax for children. Under 4s are free. All access means you get access to all exhibits, the laser tag once, the motion theatre and one go on the high ropes. There’s also an after 9pm price which is much cheaper and a VIP option too.

We all had a really good time learning new things whilst getting hands on with the different exhibits. The girls adored, actually we all did, the Bubble Lab. We spent such a long time creating bubbles and trying to put each other inside them. Definitely watch my video from our day below.

Hubby, Freya, Eva and I did the laser tag together. That was so much fun and it reminded me of a local laser tag centre I used to visit as a child. Eva and Freya loved it and asked to do it again.

Eva was very excited to do the High Ropes. She’s our little dare devil. We arrived to the High Ropes but was turned away as she was wearing a dress. We queried why and was told it was due to people seeing her underwear. Eva had absolutely no issue with anybody seeing her underwear. I even tied up her dress under her bottom to create a sort of play suit, but was still turned away. I was quite disappointed as in the website it clearly just says you have to have closed toe shoes, which is what she was wearing.

We spent about two hours in WonderWorks. Despite our situation on the high ropes, I’d definitely recommend a visit as it keeps you busy and exploring for a good few hours. It’s indoors too so you can escape the Orlando heat.

Straight from WonderWorks we decided to head for Disney Springs. Hubby had found out that there was a Coca Cola Store there so was desperate to visit. The Uber journey took us about fifteen minutes. Most attractions in Orlando are under half an hour away from each other and usually much less.

It was around midday at this point and the temperature was hot! It was our first proper day and it was definitely a big adjustment for us. I was beginning to think my outfit choices for this holiday could be completely too hot.

Everything was so big. We kept saying “wow” over and over as we walked around. It’s honestly a totally different world in Orlando. Breathtakingly beautiful. Everyone knows I love the summer weather so I felt truly at peace.

Disney Springs is all outdoors and is pretty much a shopping centre and food place. We hopped in and out of the air conditioned shops. First stop was a Disney Candy store where we somehow got persuaded to buy some unicorn horn lollipops.

We eventually spotted the Coca Cola Store in all of its glory. I was quite excited but Hubby was on a different level of joy. He’s a true Coca Cola fan and his eyes just lit up. It’s incredible in there. There’s so much merchandise to choose from. We also got to pose next to the actual Cola Bear!!!

The Coca Cola Store has a rooftop bar. We headed upstairs to find out what it was all about. They have lots of different flavours to choose from and also a cool selection of taster drinks. Hubby ended up buying the trays with 24 different flavoured drinks. This included floats and some pretty awful tasting drinks too. The girls loved it and it was a great experience that I’ll never forget.

I was quite excited to spot a man with the Disney balloons and had to stop him for a photo. I’ve seen the Disney Balloon photos everywhere. I absolutely love it. Except the two girls arguing in the background! Typical.

We actually visited Disney in the second week so please come back here in the coming weeks to see our Disney adventures. To get us super excited we popped into the World Of Disney Store. It was absolutely huge! The biggest Disney Store I’ve even seen with literally everything you could ever dream of. It was very exciting to get a look at the different Minnie ears.

I love how each shop you walk into at Disney Springs is like a whole new experience. The Lego shop was absolutely incredible. There was so much going on inside, loads of photo opportunities and Eva had the chance to control one of the robot Lego creatures. Technology is so advanced!

We then carried on our wander and found the T-Rex shop and restaurant. It’s so cool inside and Elsa absolutely loved it. In the restaurant area they have meteor showers. Outside there’s a free fossil dig in the shade. It was a nice opportunity to watch the girls play whilst we cooled down a little.

Whilst sitting at the T-Rex Dig I overheard someone talking about a show that happens at Disney Springs. Hubby and I quickly checked online (there’s WiFi everywhere at Disney Springs) and found out there are several shows.

We headed to the stage area to watch the Central Florida Hip Hop Academy. It was so hot at this point of our day so my Mum went and bought some frozen lemonade. We all laughed so hard as she came back with six huge cups of lemonade. It was delicious but we was all pretty full of drink by the end of it! The show was brilliant too and I love the atmosphere from it.

We looked in a few other shops before heading to catch an Uber. We’d decided to try our Wendy’s for the first time. There are loads of Wendy’s restaurants across Orlando. It’s a fast food restaurant a little like McDonald’s. Hubby was very excited about it.

Wendy’s did not disappoint and we all filled up our tummies ready for bedtime. We arrived back at Staybridge Suites at a really decent time and was able to bath the girls before bed. Elsa actually fell asleep on the sofa as she was so tired from our fun first day in Orlando.

Here’s the video from our first day. I love watching this one compared to my end videos, we clearly were adjusting to the heat on our first day. I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to come back for more Orlando adventures.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. Our entrance to Wonderworks and our stay at Staybridge Suites was gifted to us.

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