World Book Day 2016

The influx of happy children dressed up as their favourite book characters over social media can only mean one thing, it’s world book day! A day for celebrating books and reading. Personally, I am a lover of a physical book over an online edition, which do you prefer?

I can’t remember what characters I used to go as at school. Last year P1 was the frog from Dear ZooEdit which P2 has inherited this year. Although originally she had decided to go as Minnie Mouse and P2 being the fuss pot she is, decided literally 5 minutes before she left this morning to be the frog. 

P1 on the other hand has had her costume decided since she knew about book day. She wanted to be Elsa, of course she did but I tried to talk her out of it as Frozen isn’t a book. However, somebody kindly let me low that actually Frozen was based on a very old fairytale called The Snow Queen so Elsa she was this morning.


Don’t they look utterly adorable! It’s quite scary to think that all three will be dressed up next year. I definitely think I’m going to start putting a bit of effort in these dress up days and make things myself but I feel the school didn’t really give us very much warning. I need to keep aware of these dates and events.

What is your child dressed up as today? Did you make their costume or shop buy it like us?

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    Lots of my cousins went as Disney characters! So may off shoot books made by Disney that I think the line is a little blurred there.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Aww! How cute! What great costumes.
    My girl is Where’s Wally. hehehe

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