World Book Day 2018

It’s World Book Day. A yearly event that celebrates books and reading. I am a huge lover of a good book, especially children’s books now that I am a parent. I love the excitement every evening when we settle down for a our bedtime story.

Sadly, the snowy weather has postponed the school celebration of World Book Day but that hasn’t stopped us dressing up today and celebrating the girl’s absolute favourite stories and characters. Although I’m not sure they were too impressed with Mummy asking them to venture in the cold for photos. #BloggerLife

We were lucky enough to be sent this year’s costumes for the girls by a brilliant website, Vegaoo, that has a whole host of fancy dress for all ages. I was tempted to get myself one but decided not to embarrass the girlies just yet.

What did we pick and what are our favourite books? Well P1 decided, as she does each year, to be Harry Potter or Hermione. The Harry Potter costume she picked from Vegaoo is brilliant. It comes with the cloak, glasses and a wand. It’s really good quality actually and she was so pleased to finally have the real Harry Potter cloak and not just a look-alike one she currently has.

As for P2, well she would only settle to be Moana. Technically not a book character however there are books made of the film. We decided to order one of those as proof that Moana is in fact in a book and hope for the best. This little one is quite stubborn you see. Her Moana fancy dress is perfect and P2 was so excited when it arrived. She’s wanted one for such a long time. It is literally just the dress included but P2 did get a Moana necklace for her birthday so she’s teamed it up with that. I also put a little white top underneath as the top part of the dress is mesh.

I struggled helping P3 pick her outfit this year. If she ever thinks the attention is on her, she’d refuse to wear it so I needed to be careful. I saw this super cute cat costume and knew it was perfect. It’s much like a onesie so nothing too daring for her. We looked for a cat in lots of books on our shelf, and found a book that P3 loves at Christmas time, Winnie & Wilbur. So here she is being the lovable Wilbur the cat.

Sadly I am not one for getting crafty and creative for World Book Day. I can just about manage Christmas outfits. I am so glad we found a really affordable website that has everything we needed for our World Book Day to be a success. There were so many other options too. 

What are you being for World Book Day? Did you make your child a costume or shop buy? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. P3 has such an angry face – looks like she was least happy about the cold!

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