World Book Day 2015

Today marks the 18th year that we’ve had a World Book Day. A day completely dedicated to celebrating reading and everything that comes along with it. The authors and illustrators. The books!

I’m a lover of books. I’m yet to he convinced that owning a Kindle would be better. I enjoy flicking through the pages with the girls and although adult books aren’t exactly on my list of “to dos” in a day, I read all the time with P1 and P2.

When the school announced the kids were allowed to dress up as their favourite character I sort of hit a brick wall. P1s favourite book is Charlie & The Chocolate Factory because my Grandad read it to her but there’s not really many ideas I could think of to dress up as. P1 was adament she wanted to be Elsa from Frozen, which I had to explain that Frozen was a film first and I desperately wanted to stay away from the whole princess thing.

The only option I had left waa to approach my mother-in-law for her creative brain. She always comes up with something to suit every occassion and here it is:

world book day

P1 went to school today dressed as a Frog from the popular children’s book, Dear Zoo. My MiL already had the costume and then she kindly made the little sign which looks exactly like the one in the book. My MiL and BiL have also dressed up as characters from this book.

What did you dress up as today?

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  1. Elizabeth Rebecca

    That costume is so cute.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Aww! How adorable! What a great costume! x

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