Worlds Apart Junior ReadyBed Review

Every first weekend of the month P1 and P2 head off for a one night sleep over with my Mum. This weekend will be P3s first experience of the sleepover as we’ve felt she was a little too young previously. The girls have their own special room and have been kitted out with a bed, but P3 doesn’t yet so I was quite thankful to receive some ReadyBeds from Worlds Apart to test out.

worlds apart readybed

Now I am no stranger to a ReadyBed so I knew what I was doing in regards to the putting up of the ReadyBed. I created a little demo video for you to view just in case you are a newbie.

So the ReadyBeds are designed with children in mind. These particular ones we were sent are from 3 years and over. The whole bed is an all-in-one which makes them perfect for travel. It can be rolled up straight into a carry case. The only extra item is the foot pump. The duvet is completely fixed to the blowup mattress and can also be unzipped down one side which is a new feature I think.

The ReadyBed is so simple to blow up and put down again. It takes just 5 minutes although for me, in the video, it took much longer as I had a little helper who was adamant she wanted to take charge. The pump attachment valve is hidden with a velcro flap and is super secure inside too.

P1 and P2 adore their new Disney Princess ReadyBed and My Little Pony ReadyBed. I left them up after creating our video and they really enjoyed them. I even allowed a one night sleepover in the middle of their bedroom as a treat. They both slept soundly despite it being a little noisy as expected from a blow up bed.


The Worlds Apart ReadyBed costs around £25 and I really think they are worth it. I think they would be a fantastic item to take for a sleepover as the girls could blow them up unaided and feel very grown up.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

Value For Money

Very Useful

A brilliant ReadyBed to take on sleepovers. Excellent quality and comes in a handy carry case.

User Rating: 3.58 ( 2 votes)

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  1. These are fab aren’t they….We have one and they are great for sleepovers.

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