You Will Obey

Last night P1 ended up in bed early. This usually happens once a month and it’s enough to get her behaviour back on track.

Last night my OH and I were completely at the end of our tether with her. The “naughty step” hadn’t worked its wonders and we were still getting smirks from her as we told her to eat her dinner.

P1s behaviour has been going downhill for about a week now, maybe even two! Anything I say, she’ll do the complete opposite and laugh about it. I cannot remember the amount of times she’s been sat on that naughty step.

It’s upsetting because I know that I’m to blame. I cannot give her my full attention all day now because of P2 needing it and therefore she acts up to get that little bit of attention even if it’s negative. I have been trying really hard to take her out so she feels special – like the Clay Cottage or TumbleTown. Afterwards, her behaviour is fantastic for about an hour then she’s back to be disobedient and rude.

Last night was centred around her eating. P1 isn’t the best of eaters at the best of times. But the past week she’s barely been eating at all and she ends up feeling sick. Sunday, we said no to chocolate or sweets, she actually ate really well and I was so proud. It’s not like her to finish a whole hot cross bun. So yesterday I allowed her to have a little bit of chocolate as she’d missed out on Easter. When it came to dinner she just wouldn’t eat – too hot, too cold, don’t like it, it’s not together enough, etc etc. I just felt like screaming, crying and hiding away. We were on repeat “eat your dinner or you’re going to bed” she didn’t, so she ended up in bed an hour before her bedtime.

Luckily, for me, my OH dealt with the kicking, screaming and banging on the bedroom door whilst I fed P2. I then went up to have a quiet word with her. We sat in silence as she ate two fromage Frais, then completely out the blue she said “I’m sorry for not eating properly”. Deep down, it made things ok but you have to follow through a punishment. The kicking and screaming stopped and she went to bed quite peacefully – in a bright room (stupid clocks going forward!)

I hope I’m not the only one experiencing “frightful fours”… Let me know your way of dealing with tantrums and disobedience!?

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  1. I’m dealing with the terrible twos at the moment so feel your pain. Allegra will be the perfect child then suddenly become a disobedient “challenge” – it really tests you, but when she says “sorry mummy” it’s hard to be cross 🙂

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