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I want to officially declare that my 3 year old is rather strange. She gets so excited when it comes to lunch boxes so I was naturally very pleased to accept a Classic Yumbox V2 in Framboise Pink colour for me her to review. I mean look at this face…


So the Yumbox is all about making lunches fun yet helping to educate children, and adults, on portion control. They have pre-illustrated trays to help get a balanced healthy meal. Their are two different styles of the Yumbox, the classic which we have and the Panino options. The classic has 5 sections for the key food groups and then a smaller one for a dip or sweet treat. The Panino style is more suited for an older child with a bigger appetite having 1 large section for sandwiches and then the two smaller and a dip space too.

The tray is removable and is top-shelf safe in the dishwasher. I prefer to hand wash the entire lunch box but obviously that choice is yours. The Yumbox has just one single lid that is leak proof for each individual section meaning you can safely store baked beans without worrying that it may mix up with the banana for example. You can also buy extra trays to save time during the week or preparing in advance.

yumbox review

P2 was so excited and kept saying thank you to me. She was desperate to use it and on the day it arrived we were so busy that we had cooked a pretty simple, junk type, dinner so please do not judge the food inside this Yumbox. Of course P2 ate her sweet treat first but I actually enjoyed being able to portion control better rather than just plopping some food on a plate. I think the whole experience excited P2 more than ever because she finished all of her dinner except one or two pieces of banana. She was engaged and enjoyed the dinner process. She found opening and closing the Yumbox really easy too.

The Yumbox costs about £25 which is definitely worth every penny. I have teamed up with Yumbox and am able to offer one in a giveaway so don’t forget to enter below!

chocolate yumbox

Yumbox Giveaway

Disclosure: This product was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions and photos remain my own. The winner of the giveaway will need to provide a UK address of residence for their prize to be sent. Over 18s only.

Value For Money

Fantastic quality and makes lunch fun

We really love the Yumbox. It brings fun and education into lunch time and has really helped to understand portion sizes and how to get a better balanced diet

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  1. Amanda Walsh (@mandymoo2014)

    We make faces out of salad and fruits on their plates

  2. I cut my fruit into shapes

  3. cheryl hadfield

    I try and make lunch exciting by using bread cutters for shaped sandwiches. I also put little notes into packed lunches with smiley face pictures to make them smile and laugh.

  4. I make sandwiches into funny faces x

  5. use loads of different colour vegetables

  6. We all join in to create the lunch and make different foods into faces, they end up eating things they think they don’t like because they need it to make the eyes, etc!

  7. Trying to vary my daughter’s lunch and in the weekends getting her inbolved by helping me prepare her lunch.qa

  8. we try different foods, if L didnt like something I will make something up quickly and a nice cartoon makes lunch more entertaining

  9. we have lots of bits and pieces and sit in the lounge on a big rug and have picnics, it makes a change from sitting at a table to eat x

  10. I get my kids to take turns to choose what they want so they dont get bored and keep it varied

  11. Whenever I can I let my children help preparing lunch. Even if it’s something as simple as cutting a cucumber or washing some lettuce. Love when they always mention that they have made something and it tastes sooooo good 😉

  12. get the kids involved making it

  13. By letting my little ones help to make there lunch x

  14. By offering lots of variety! Offering different foods to try every day keeps them excited! 🙂

  15. Lots of small and different items to select from, eg sandwiches, cherry tomatoes, breadsticks and dips and I also often use scone/cookie cutters to make sandwiches look a little different!

  16. we have different things and sometimes a wee picnic lunch!

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