Zoggs Affordable Girls Swimming Costumes

Having a child diagnosed with hypermobility makes you face many complications in normal every day life. One of these complications for P1 is swimming. She’s been swimming since she was in the parent and baby lessons with me. She’s confident in water but she can’t physically swim. Last week she started her third swim school.

To prepare for a swimming lesson I have to think about the whole event. Will she slip and hurt herself? Will the teacher know that she’s not strong enough? Will her swimming costume make things harder? She needs skin tight, light and slick swimming costumes. Ones that don’t allow the water to creep inside and pull her down or make kicking her legs any harder than it already is. She needs pretty, girly costumes but that are durable because she doesn’t grow very quickly. It needs to be easy to slide on and off dry and wet because she falls over all the time from lack of strength in her legs.20140112-094407 pm.jpgWhen searching I have found that Zoggs offer all of this in all of their swimming costumes for boys and for girls and they are at such a fantastic, affordable price!

I don’t think you can quite beat Zoggs when it comes to swimming related products. They know what they’re doing to make swimming a really fun, safe environment for adults and children.20140112-095103 pm.jpgFor P1 specifically, she loves to choose her own clothes and her swimming costume choice comes into that too. She’s picky. She likes to look different. Most of all she has to be comfy. Zoggs have a really good range of girls swim costumes. All one pieces which I love and think essential for a girl growing up.20140112-095752 pm.jpgThey have simple black costumes that have a pretty delicate and gorgeous back on them! And then they have more bold colours that have more of a classic back to them. There’s something for every little girl and boy.20140112-100016 pm.jpgI can’t fault Zoggs. I’ve used them for many years and will be using them for both the girls too. I’m hoping now that we’ve switched swim schools and swimming costumes that P1 will gain some strength and one day become the little fish she’s destined to be…



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