Zombie Attack

I feel like a complete zombie.

I think even when I was having less sleep than I am at the moment my bags were a lot less! Breastfeeding really wears you out. Drains you of everything it seems.

My boobs feel like they’ve doubled in size and are about to go pop. I’m trying to alternate the boob I use for each feed – although greedy guts tends to feed from both on one feed (she has a break during the feed and then wants more so to give myself some relief on the other side I use the opposite).

It’s funny how you forget things. I had completely forgotten the pain you get when your milk flows in or when it’s close to feeding time. I’ve been so tempted to express a bit just for comfort but I don’t want to waste any precious milk especially as it dried up for me with P1 after a month.

I’ve done a lot since the birth of P2. Been visiting relatives, had a trip to kiddicare (although I didn’t leave the car), and I’ve even been to Mothercare and she isn’t even a week old yet! I know I need to slow down and take everyone’s advice on resting but it’s so hard when you have another child too… I want to get up, mobile and back to normal as soon as I can. But I’m exhausting myself and I know that. Time for a step back and to focus on getting my body back to normal before I over do it and go bang.

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