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As P2 grows in herself, her sleep pattern seems to deteriorate. Drastically.

I’m feeling the most sleep deprived I have the whole 17 weeks and 6 days of her existence in the real world. I don’t even think she’s solely to blame.

She didn’t used to fall asleep for the night until 10:30pm, but now she falls asleep somewhere between 8:30 and 9:30pm. Which is great really as it gives my OH and me some time “alone”. I think she just wears herself out completely during the day with the lack of naps she has. But this early bedtime for her means she wakes for a feed on average three times a night, instead of before when she just woke once around 3:30-4am. The only thing I can feel grateful for is the fact she’s not actually awake in the night, she stirs, cries a little and then feeds and is asleep again.

So this isn’t the main reason why I’m feeling so exhausted this week. P2 hasn’t been very settled in her sleep. She’ll be kicking, wiggling, turning her head, sometimes moaning slightly throughout the night. This is what I blame my tiredness on.

I’m so in tune with her it’s unreal. Half the time I’m feeding her in a half-asleep state or before she’s even woken up. I just know what she wants when she wants it. Therefore, when she’s so unsettled in her sleep, I’m so unsettled in mine. It’s a vicious circle and it’s killing me!!!

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