Zuru Oosh Potions Slime Surprise

Has anyone else felt that this year has already been the longest year yet?! If ever there was a time for a bit of a pick me up, that time is now and right on cue, we had a super exciting delivery of Zuru Oosh Potions Slime Surprise.

Eva and Elsa are obsessed with slime. I have so many annoying slime spillage marks on our carpet, yet I still allow them to get creative again and again. They always bug me to buy more slime making kits and we’ve tried and failed so many times, I was interested to see how these would be.

There are four of the Zuru Ooosh Potions Slime Surprise bottles to create. Each one has two surprise potions inside complete with either a gooey or powder base. Then there are three different accessories to add to the potion. It even comes with its own storage bottle and a recipe to follow! Basically, it includes everything you need to make your slime.

The instructions were super simple to follow which is always handy. There are two different slime potions to make – one is more transparent and gooey, the other was a solid colour and a little tougher to spread apart. I found that really hard to describe!

There are three sachets of themed accessories for each potion. We all loved the excitement of opening up the sachets to find out what gems or glittery items would be inside. Surprise bags are definitely the girls most favourite part and add to the entertainment. Eva and Elsa enjoyed the scents that came from each potion too.

I think that we all enjoyed creating potions. It was a lovely distraction from virtual home learning and we also did this on a rainy day. The potions really work so there was no disappointment at all. As a parent, I was impressed that not only did it include all ingredients (except water), you could use the bit bottle to mix in and the wand was also a stirrer.

The Zuru Oosh Potions Slime Surprise cost £13 each and would make a great gift for a friend or just to have as a little pick me up.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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