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Letter To My Princess 3 – 2 Years Old

To my Princess 3, These past 2 years have been the most exhausting of my life! I remember getting through my birthday feeling thankful that I didn’t have to share my birthday and wedding anniversary with your birthday too. We’d all joked that it would have been funny and just our luck if I had gone into labour. But I …

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To My Princess 2 – 2 Years 1 Month

To my Princess 2, We had your two year check the other day. I didn’t have any real concerns about your development. I think you’re doing fantastically. We discussed all the things you do and don’t do. We were told off for being lazy with your dummy and milk situation. The health visitor is completely right and gave us an …

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KBBF2013 – Breastfeeding Beyond A Year

I haven’t yet had the privilege of breastfeeding beyond a year. My views on the topic are quite mixed really. I want to let P2 wean off of me in her own time, I hate the thought of her being unhappy and needing me, but for me to refuse her my boob. But at the same time I can’t quite …

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