This blog is a personal blog and unless stated, my posts are written by myself and may contain content that may conflict with other peoples opinions and beliefs. I try to stay as neutral as possible but understand that somewhere someone will dislike a post.


I am lucky to be compensated for various content on my blog. This could be in the form of a sponsored post, paid-for link, guest posting, reviews and events, however, all opinions are of my own! With every compensated post it will be made clear with a statement at the end of the post unless otherwise agreed by the sponsor/brand/person I work with. I happily accept and am willing to help small companies or writers by allowing guest posting onto my blog, there is a charge for this so please contact me for my current rates.



I offer advertising spaces, however will only accept relevant adverts to my blog genre.



Occasionally I host competitions, they usually run via Rafflecopter or via a social media platform. I do not hold my own competitions at this present time and all competitions will be run in conjunction with a company or brand, usually with a review post. You have to be 18 to enter and live in the United Kingdom. Details of the winner will be sent directly to the company involved.

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