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“The result was what I’d feared”

We have an outbuilding. It’s a building with electricity and water. It’s quite large. It houses our freezer, our washing machine and the tumble dryer. Lately, it’s also been our dump spot. Everyone has one. Usually it’s a drawer or a cupboard we just throw things into a pretend that it’ll get sorted later or next week, or even next …

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Pregnancy Diaries – 33 Weeks #3

Being 33 weeks pregnant is a sort of milestone for me. At 33+1 I gave birth to P1. It feels really odd when I think about it, there’s still quite a way to go yet it’s also literally just around the corner. Reaching 33 weeks gives me a reassurance that things can be ok! I’m really hoping the remaining weeks …

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World Prematurity Day 2013 – My Story

It’s World Prematurity Day – 17th November 2013. 15,000,000 babies were born prematurely this year, 60,000 of those were here in the UK. Thousands of families and friends lives torn apart. Being pregnant at the age of 15 I never imagined that anything would go wrong. Naive. Stupid. Young. I gave birth to P1 at the age of 16. That …

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