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Challenge Day#6

9AM – I raised my voice to about a level 6. All we argued about was putting shoes and coats on. That’s how blooming ridiculous it was. I probably didn’t need to shout at her, I could have dealt with it in a mature calm manner – but I just didn’t. I couldn’t. I’m just so fed up of her …

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Challenge Day#5

Today was a bad day for yelling. It started off amazing! She was so good getting dressed, we were all laughing and dancing about. Then we went round the MiLs and it just went downhill from there. P1 finds it hard to communicate properly with her younger Uncle. He’s nearly 3. One minute they’ll be playing beautifully, the next Uncle …

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Challenge Day#4

10AM – First need to raise my voice today, probably because I was hungry and completely not P1s fault that she was grating on me, level 3 for repeatedly telling me she was hungry, despite eating all her breakfast X2. 1PM – Had to firmly tell P1 that she was indeed going to go to her swimming lesson. Level 2 …

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